The doctorate in nursing degree is offered entirely online except for late spring workshops for new and returning students. Earn Your PhD Degree Entirely Online. The coursework is designed to equip you with the practical and theoretical understanding required to create new knowledge of culturally relevant nursing practice and education. Prospective students are required to hold a bachelor's or advanced degree in nursing, a minimum GPA of 3.0 and an RN license. For becoming a professor of nursing or conducting medical research, the PhD is probably the best choice. Master MA MSc PhD M.D. They will also complete a DNP project where they will analyze a topic that contributes to advanced nursing practice in some way. Focus on Clinical Research . Admission requirements for this degree include a Master of Science in Nursing, an RN license, a minimum GPA of 3.0 and the completion of a master's level statistics course. It consists of 27 credit hours and involves core courses such as Leading Nursing in Health Care Systems, Advanced Topics in Population Health and Analytical Methods of Evidence Based Practice. For maximum flexibility, the program is offered both full-time (9 credits) and part-time (6 credits) and structured so that the required doctoral nursing courses are offered only one day per week. Students can select from 2 routes, the BSN to PhD or MSN to PhD. Students who hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing may also earn a Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing as long as they have an overall undergraduate GPA of 3.0, a RN license in the state of Florida and take the GRE. Trauma-induced injuries and emergency care are the focus of this concentration. The purpose of doctoral education in nursing is to foster the next generation of nurse scholars who will advance nursing scholarship, nursing leadership and maintain the integrity and vitality of the discipline. We’ve made the process more manageable by creating a ranking list that considers several factors that are important to most students. Once they graduate, they will be prepared to improve patient care and health care through research, design new care models, assess outcomes and use technology to improve outcomes. While the former requires completing 90 credits, the latter is shorter and requires just 60 credits as 30 credits are automatically transferred from the MSN towards your Ph.D. Email for Program details . Online Nursing PhD Programs. Nurses with a master's degree in advanced practice nursing or a bachelor's of science in nursing and a master's degree relevant to their advanced practice position are eligible for this program. It is designed to prepare nurse scientists and scholars for positions in teaching and research. Specializations Offered: Innovations to Improve Health and Health Systems, Health Improvement of the Vulnerable Population, & Symptom and Behavior Science. This degree teaches students how to develop clinical prevention and health interventions, influence health care policy and assess analytical methods for evidence-based practice. There are 2 pathways into this program, BSN to DNP and Post-Master's DNP. The PhD in Nursing Science program prepares you to be a clinical researcher who advances the nursing care of individuals and communities through scientific discovery. This program can be completed entirely online and is based upon The Essentials of Doctoral Education for Advanced Nursing Practice from the American Association of College of Nursing and the National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties Nurse Practitioner Core Competencies. Students in the DNP program can expect to take courses related to leadership, health policy, evidence-based practice and population-based care. An additional two years are required for the completion of the nursing thesis. A doctorate serves as the highest level of education possible for nurses, and the degree commonly leads to positions with excellent job growth projections and high salary potential. Financial Support. These visits can be enriching as you get the opportunity to network with mentors and other experts from the field. Depending on your career goals, you can choose from either Clinical Research or Health Services Research. The University of Texas at Tyler School of Nursing online PhD program offers a rigorous curriculum designed to transition clinicians to scholars. There are two primary routes to an online doctorate degree in nursing—the PhD and DNP—with each having unique characteristics. CU Anschutz provides one of the nation’s top online PhD in Nursing programs, thanks to our innovative programming, exceptional faculty, and unique resources available at the Anschutz Medical Campus. The University of California offers two online Ph.D. tracks that can be completed without keeping your current work assignments on hold. Indiana University’s online Ph.D. training prepares you for a career in private or public organizations as nursing faculty, director of clinical research, and director of clinical services. I was ecstatic to be accepted into the PhD program at the School of Nursing as it is a renowned nursing PhD program in Canada. The curriculum culminates with a research thesis of 20 credits. Competencies and Content For example, they may gain certification as an acute care nurse practitioner (ACNP) or a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA). A post-master's PhD option is available for nurses who hold a BSN and graduate degree in nursing. To enroll in the Doctor of Nursing Practice, students must meet all requirements. Ensure you include all required supporting documents at the time of submission, or this may delay the processing of your application. Acknowledging your past education, the college allows a transfer of up to 40 credits towards the Ph.D. With five tracks in education, healthcare administration, interdisciplinary health, leadership, and population health, you can opt for the one that matches your career aspirations. To receive a Doctor of Nursing Practice at Northern Arizona University, students must complete 74 to 79 credit hours and 1,000 hours of clinical practice. Depending on professional interests, you can choose from any of the three areas of focus - Health Care Systems Research, Caring Science, and Behavioral Sciences. Primarily offered as a post MSN course, there is also a post-DNP track that can be completed in 2.5 years as it requires fewer credits. If you are keen on positively impacting the future of healthcare by actively participating in research, teaching, and policymaking, then completing your Ph.D. in any of the tracks offered by Walden University can be given a thought. With flexible schedules, you can complete this program in as little as two years or stretch it to three to four years. If gaining knowledge and expertise in nursing research interests you, then pursuing an online Ph.D. can be a fruitful decision. 2. Once they graduate , they will be able to perform research to advance nursing science and design creative strategies to improve nursing and health education . Due to its interdisciplinary approach, even non-nursing students can enter this program. A rigorous course load expands to include elective courses that are relevant to the student’s chosen concentration. Program is ideal for nurses with a BS who have completed the GRE and want to pursue a PhD in nursing. Students who opt for the Post-Master's DNP or BSN to DNP must attend a 2-day campus orientation and spend 1 day on campus to share their capstone project. Earn Your PhD Degree Entirely Online The doctorate in nursing degree is offered entirely online except for late spring workshops for new and returning students. The nursing PhD from the Sinclair School of Nursing at MU is one of only a handful of PhD programs open to nurses and non-nurses. The University of Texas at Tyler offers a PhD in Nursing. This pre-doctoral fellowship is a unique opportunity for nursing and engineering PhD students to collaborate with faculty within the Whiting School of Engineering and the School of Nursing… Online Ph.D. in nursing programs prepare graduates to work at the highest levels of the field conducting research, managing healthcare organizations, and educating the next generation of nurses. Many graduates are seen working in academia, health care or management consulting. Nurses who wish to pursue a doctorate in the field can earn either a doctor of nursing practice (DNP) or a doctor of philosophy in nursing (Ph.D.). They will be admitted in cohorts and start the program in May of each year. Online PhD Programs considered all of the fully online and hybrid nursing programs available and used the following three metrics to score each program: Cost (IPEDs data) Reputation (U.S. News and World Report data) Return on Investment (College Scorecard data) … Nurses who hope to become leaders in nursing may benefit from the online Doctor of Nursing Practice in Leadership at Boise State University. Discover schools with the programs and courses you’re interested in, and start learning today. Rush graduates lead programs of clinical research, serve in senior academic positions and influence national health policy. • If you are a resident of Indiana, you can complete this program at only one-third of the tuition cost that out of state students incur. Doctor of Philosophy. Our students strive to advance nursing knowledge and translate research into practice that promotes the health and care of patients. Online PhD and DBA Programs . Getting a doctorate degree in nursing has great potential to vastly increase a nurse’s salary and earning potential. The nursing PhD from the Sinclair School of Nursing at MU is one of only a handful of PhD programs open to nurses and non-nurses. Vanderbilt University’s online Ph.D. in nursing science prepares you for a career in nursing research and education. Earning a PhD in nursing program will … Students are only admitted in the fall semester and must complete 36 credit hours on a part- or full-time plan of study. Sign In. As stated earlier, choosing an online program vs. an on-campus depends on the needs of the student. PhD Webinar Schedule for 2020-2021. On-Campus vs. Online PhD in Nursing Programs. Upon completion of core and specialization courses, you will demonstrate the expertise of developing new knowledge and findings through your nursing research. Find the Best Online Graduate Nursing Programs. Have completed master’s level studies with either their undergraduate or graduate degree in nursing. Many positions require an advanced nursing degree, and attaining either the DNP or PhD positions a nurse to expect better compensation. To earn a Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing from Stony Brook University, students must hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, a master's degree in nursing or a related discipline and a current New York registered professional nurse license. What is an Online Graduate Nursing Program? There may also be a required interview with a faculty member. For nurses looking to advance their educations and careers, a Doctor of Nursing Practice or DNP is available at The University of Alabama in Huntsville. Learn more about the program The majority of our School of Nursing doctoral programs are 100% online, allowing you to devote time to your family, career, and community while you earn your degree. Regardless of the pathway you choose, you will be taught by a faculty that comes from diverse academic backgrounds, bringing in their interdisciplinary experiences and knowledge. Graduates are trained in the skills and advance art and science of nursing, with emphasis on critical thinking and evidence-based decision making. If you want to keep working with patients while advancing your education, you may be wondering “Can you get your BSN to PhD in nursing online?” Earning your PhD in Nursing Online degree may help develop the skills and knowledge necessary to enhance your career.Typically, students choose between a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) or a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Many PhD in nursing graduates are seen working as nursing faculty members, directors of nursing research or directors of clinical services. First offered in 2008, the PhD program at the Queen’s University School of Nursing transitioned to an online program in Fall 2018. At Ohio State University, nurses may further their careers by earning a Doctor of Nursing Practice online. The coursework requires completion of at least 57 credit hours and is delivered completely online, with some parts being synchronous and some asynchronous. At the start of the program, students will need to select a scholarly project, which will directly or indirectly improve the practice of nursing and health outcomes. PhD Program. PhD Nursing Online. In addition, students must submit GRE scores, a curriculum vitae, 3 references and a 3 to 5 page double-spaced essay explaining why they are interested in research and outlining their future career goals. At the University of Nevada, Reno, students may enroll in an online Doctor of Nursing Practice or DNP. • The school’s stellar faculty is accomplished, and they engage in research and scholarly activity in all the three areas of focused study. The online nursing PhD program will prepare you for a career at the forefront of nursing science where you’ll contribute to the body of knowledge and test theories, and lead research in the application of innovative strategies for clinical care and nursing education. 2021 #2 Best Graduate School for Nursing #1 Best DNP Leadership Specialty U.S. News & World Report; 2020 #7 Best Online Graduate Nursing Program #4 Best Online Graduate Nursing Program for Veterans U.S. News & World Report ; 2020 Health Professions Higher Education Excellence in Diversity (HEED) INSIGHT Into Diversity Best Nursing School for Men in Nursing American Assembly for Men in Nursing In three to four years, you can complete a PhD in Nursing as a culmination of your nursing education. (Ordre des infirmières and infirmiers du Québec) registration required onlyif candidate is planning to practice as a nurse in Québec. Tuition displayed in in-state and per year unless stated otherwise. Upon completing a DNP from University of Colorado Colorado Springs, students will be able to create new models of care and use data and technology to determine how to improve patient outcomes and health care systems. Admission requirements include a master's degree in nursing, a minimum grade of "B" in graduate statistics courses and proof of current license to practice nursing. Online PhD Programs has developed the following ranking of the 35 Best Online PhD in Nursing programs to make your choice easier. BSN to PhD in nursing programs help you broaden your understanding of healthcare systems and quality improvement. Teach, Mentor, and Lead the Next Generation of Nurses by Earning Liberty University’s 100% Online Ph.D. in Nursing: Nursing Education. MSN to PhD Check out our featured PhD programs below and contact schools near you! A few examples of courses in this degree include Health Policy and Finance for Advanced Nursing Leadership, Advanced Applications of Epidemiology in Practice and Ethics Studies for Advanced Nursing Practice. Prospective students must hold a master's degree in nursing or a master's degree in a related field and a bachelor's degree in nursing. This online Doctor of Philosophy in nursing is offered in three areas of focused study-Precision Science, Health Determinants Science and Data and System Science, out of which you must choose one. After graduating with a Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing, students will be able to work as researchers, policy makers, analysts, university faculty or administrators in public and private health care organizations. To enroll, students must have a master's degree. • Year after year, the National League for Nursing has honored the college’s Nursing School as being the Center of Excellence in Nursing Education, a testimony of the quality nursing education it offers. Students will also be required to take elective courses such as Clinical Teaching Strategies in Nursing, Advanced Evaluation Strategies in Nursing Education and Advanced Care of the Individual and Family. Students may earn a Doctor of Nursing Practice or DNP at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. If you are looking at an online Ph.D. in Nursing program to attain the highest nursing degree, then you could consider Villanova University’s Ph.D. that prepares you to conduct clinical and educational based nursing research towards better nursing practice and education. • You will be taught by a faculty that is nationally recognized and actively participates in research in your chosen specialty. Graduates of our PhD Program have advanced competencies in nursing research and scholarship, research team participation and management, interdisciplinary collaboration, teaching, entrepreneurship, and translating results to action. University of Missouri’s Ph.D. in Nursing prepares you for an advanced career in nursing, either as a scholar, educator, or clinical researcher. As a leader in distance education since 1985, we understand what it takes to create a flexible and affordable education for busy people. This program is intended for nurses who wish to pursue careers in education, nursing leadership, research or policy. • If you have completed your DNP, you can opt for the DNP to Ph.D. Bridge program where you can transfer 26 credits and save considerable time and tuition costs. They are required to complete a master's level statistics course and submit their GRE scores as well. Schools who accept those with only a bachelor’s degree tailor the course load and degree requirements to fit the student’s previous educational attainment; students who hold a master’s can expect to begin more advanced coursework sooner in the program. So, there is BSN to Ph.D. track that requires completing 75 credit hours post-BSN, whereas, if you have completed a master’s in nursing, your coursework for the MSN to Ph.D. track demands finishing 60-credit hours. Students may opt for the BSN to PhD or MSN to PhD track and must complete 75 credit hours beyond a master's degree in nursing. Although the Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Education can be completed in 2 years, students have 6 years from the date they begin the program to graduate. The total Ph.D. curriculum requires completing 64 credits. Schools offer Ph.D. in Nursing programs in traditional classroom formats, as well as online and hybrid styles that combine in-person study with online coursework. With the exception of a 5-day orientation, this program can be completed entirely online. Prepares nurses at the highest level of nursing practice who will lead in applying and translating research into practice. On this page, you can learn more about education requirements, as well as PhD nursing careers. The PM-DNP is a 2 year, part-time program with 32 credit hours and can be completed 100% online. Those in the Post-Master's DNP may pursue the clinical expert or nurse executive track. Thanks to the growth of online nursing degree programs, students can advance their careers in one of the most in-demand health care professions. Situated in an academic environment that embodies scholarship, you will be well-prepared for a career as a leader in research and … This Ph.D. is offered in a hybrid mode, requiring few campus visits while taking the majority of your coursework online. Specializations Offered: Health Care Systems Research, Caring Science, & Behavioral Sciences. Use the search box in the upper left corner to search for PhD programs in your area. Apply Now . The PhD in Nursing Science program prepares you to be a clinical researcher who advances the nursing care of individuals and communities through scientific discovery. This degree focuses on enhancing nursing in rural and underserved populations. A few examples of the types of courses in this program include Leadership Throughout Organizations and Systems, Quality Improvement in Doctoral Nursing Practice and Strategic Macrosystem Management for the Doctor of Nursing Practice. Our PhD in Education, Nursing Education program is designed to prepare nurses for advanced roles as nurse educators in higher and adult education. Fall Entry December 1. Students can take courses on a part-time basis over 5 semesters. Have a C.G.P.A. At University of Toledo, students may complete a Doctor of Nursing Practice or DNP online. Once enrolled, students are matched with researchers at the university's college of nursing who will advise them throughout the program. Back to Top. Students may also have the option of choosing a specialty or concentration. Data management and research methodology are also areas of instruction. Prepares nurses at the highest level of nursing science to conduct research that advances the empirical and theoretical foundations of nursing and health care globally. While in-person courses are available, most students complete this program primarily online. Either way, most students will need the following information when applying to an online DNP degree program: The first year of a DNP degree program consists primarily of foundational coursework, including classes that cover topics such as epidemiology, statistics and evidence-based practice. This pre-doctoral fellowship is a unique opportunity for nursing and engineering PhD students to collaborate with faculty within the Whiting School of Engineering and the School of Nursing. A few examples of these courses include Theoretical Basis for Nursing, Quantitative Research Methods and Health Care Leadership. In a cardiovascular specialty, students learn about issues that affect the heart and lungs, and ways to treat those conditions. Those who wish to teach after graduation are eligible for the Nurse Faculty Loan Program, which covers 2 semesters of tuition, books, fees and software costs. Qualitative Methods in Nursing Research, Philosophical Foundations of Nursing Science and Biostatistics are a few examples of the courses in this degree. Nurses who hope to land leadership positions in health care or would like to achieve the highest level in specialty practice may benefit from a Doctor of Nursing Practice at The University of Alabama. At The University of Mississippi, students may enroll in a PhD in Nursing. One of the sought-after Ph.D. in Nursing online programs in MN, you need at least a master’s degree to be eligible for this program. There is a Post-Master's DNP available for those who have a master's degree in nursing as well as BSN to DNP for nurses who only hold a bachelor's in nursing. Students will also work on their capstone project. However, a DNP generally maintains a practice-focused approach, while a Ph.D. is often a research-heavy program preferred by researchers or nurse educators. The 3 paths of this program include BSN to PhD, MSN to PhD and DNP to PhD. A Doctor of Nursing Practice for certified nurse practitioners is offered at Ashland University. To graduate with a Doctor of Nursing Practice from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, students must complete all courses and a final doctoral project. The doctorate is a great way for nurses to broaden their professional horizons. As a pre-requisite to this program, you must complete a graduate-level course in statistics. Graduates from WSU's College of Nursing PhD in Nursing program are comprehensively prepared to assume advanced roles in healthcare research or faculty appointments by cutting edge institutes of higher learning. In order to apply to a DNP program, students must hold either a bachelor’s or master’s degree. A Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) is a post-graduate degree offered by a business school or business faculty at a university. At University of Central Florida, nurses have the opportunity to earn a PhD in Nursing. Register . • You can opt to be mentored by a graduate faculty who shares your research interests. The program is grounded in nursing science and offers concentration options in Clinical Nursing Science and Health Systems. There are two types of doctorate nursing degrees: the PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) and the DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice). The curriculum involves completing 52-credit coursework plus 15 credits of thesis, and there are three areas of specialization to choose from - Health Systems, Symptom Science, and Education. To be eligible for this program, you must have earned a master’s, preferably in nursing, with a minimum GPA of 3.50. If you are inclined towards improving health outcomes by researching treatments that involve physical, psychological, and educational therapies, then the clinical research specialization is better suited. It is the top academic degree available in a field. Following graduation, students will have the knowledge and resources necessary to improve quality and access to care for diverse and underserved populations. Please note: Nursing (PhD) may be completed fully online, although not all elective options or program prerequisites may be offered online. Whichever path you choose, you can complete this program online, both on a part-time and full-time basis. Winona State University-Rochester offers a Doctor of Nursing Practice for registered nurses with bachelor's or master's degrees who want to expand their nursing education and skills. This is a terminal degree for nurse practitioners, nurse midwives and nursing leaders in a variety of health care organizations. Although most courses are available online, some are only offered in-person. These years only apply to students who began their DNP education with a bachelor’s degree. It was created to meet the intricacies and demands of today's health care environment by raising the clinical practice of advanced practice nurses and nurse administrators. West Virginia University offers a PhD in Nursing. One of the ways the DNP does this is by allowing the nurse to specialize in a certain area on the journey to becoming a nurse practitioner. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us.
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