1 Floating House Multiple years in the making, Arkup's inaugural mobile overwater home is finished. Dutch architect Koen Olthuis and Miami-based Company Arkup have collaborated to build an off-grid floating house to cater the increasing demand of the luxury houseboats. Now that’s more like it. It is modern and great looking with a well thought out design. Arkup is for people who prioritize space and comfort over speed and range.” Arkup’s steel hull and superstructure is built to withstand Category 4 hurricane winds (up to 156 mph). Houseboat? Arkup’s steel hull and superstructure is built to withstand Category 4 hurricane winds. ARKUP #1 has an expandable 500 sq. Courtesy of Arkup. Arkup’s homes combine high-end real estate with ocean living into a completely self-sufficient houseboat. These homes on water use electric propulsion for mobility, and an automated hydraulic jack-up system to ensure safety during category four hurricane winds. "House on water" is able to stand even severe hurricanes. Miami-based Arkup has developed a solar electric-propelled floating home. Dreams come true with Arkup, the company that developed the houseboat design. Equipped to run on shore power or the sun, Arkup’s “first electrical livable yacht” combines a luxury yacht, waterfront villa and self-sustainability into a glamorous floating-motoring home. To carry out this project, Arkup's founders worked with the Dutch architect Koen Olthuis and no less than 20 specialists from 5 different countries. On board, it doesn’t look or feel like a boat. Originally listed at $5,510,000 now only $ 1,400,000 ; The boat located in Miami Beach, Florida (map below) and ready for viewing ARKUP world’s first solar-powered livable yacht EVER - YouTube The Miami Herald first reported on Arkup, a floating house equipped with hydraulic pilings that stabilize the house and solar panels that help power it.With the pilings, the luxury houseboat can be lifted above water and stabilize itself during hurricane surges. Arkup, a company based in Miami, Florida, might be able to turn that dream into a reality. To match our world-class design, VanDutch offers the high-quality luxury and comfort that you would expect from a boat created to enjoy the marine life. Interior view of the Arkup houseboat, a green-energy luxury floating home that can adapt to sea rise, as it docks off Palm Island near Miami Beach on Saturday, April 27, 2019. Life on the Water ARKUP – Livable Yacht Explore your first floating home. Jon and Louise bought the yacht for just £66,000 Credit: �BNPS The vessel had been abandoned in a wharf in Southampton, Hants, for 13 years and as … When lifted, the vessel’s four hydraulic spuds offers protection from the effects of waves, tropical winds, and floods. At 4,350 square feet, the Arkup features a … The Advantaged Yacht Charters & Sales presents this House Boats 2019 Custom 75' Arkup Livable Fractional boat for sale.. Price drop! A houseboat or a yacht can be the perfect place to relax and get away from the world. Arkup's Official Yacht Tender . The 40-foot long pilings, or spuds, enable the boat to anchor in up to 25 feet of … The deck and bridge feature retractable cleats, stainless steel swim ladder and large storage chests including for fenders. Back in 2017, shipbuilding company Arkup announced their plans to upend both the housing market and the yacht industry. Marine scientists in Florida hire engineers Nicolas Derouin and Arnaud Luguet to create a first-of-its-kind floating home; they have nine months to complete it, but unpredictable weather and building hiccups may sink this project before it can swim. Arkup offers a new form of housing, a livable yacht completely autonomous, ecological, which can move like houseboats and be lifted out of the water to preserve its occupants from the swell. I love the Arkup. Meh. The 4,300-square-foot floating home is the first of it kind, a customized self-lifting barge, and was unveiled in April of this year. Financing is available through marine lenders, and houseboats are appraised on a case-by-case basis. It is a green-energy luxury floating home that can adapt to sea rise. The souped up houseboat is a wonder to behold, looking a bit like a luxury boutique hotel is floating in the water. The Arkup houseboat, a green-energy luxury floating home that can adapt to sea rise, as it docks off Palm Island near Miami Beach on Saturday, April 27, 2019. Arkup, which was unveiled at the Miami Boat Show in February, has floor-to-ceiling windows and looks like a large glass box. Arkup: Is It A Houseboat, Yacht Or Something More? The current standard loan terms for houseboats are 20-year amortization (the time it … It’s Arkup, a Miami based company launching a one of a kind livable yacht. Arkup No. Dream House of the Week: Arkup houseboat As described by the actor in the video above, Archduke Ludwig Ludwig Salvator of the Hapsburg monarchy in Austria bought … On this day we’re docked outside an empty lot off Star Island. Now, they have just unveiled the first model of its over-the-top floating yacht house. ft. terrace and over-sized, high-end, loft style living room. An Arkup floating home, for sale for $5.5M, is 75 feet long with four bedrooms spanning 4,350 SF. LUXURY HOME: Shown is an aerial view of the Arkup houseboat as it docks off Palm Island near Miami Beach on April 27. There is no better lifestyle than this. Company Arkup have created a 75ft long solar electric-propelled floating home boat, the Arkup. I would love to live a lavish lifestyle with a fancy home on the water with the Arkup, but at 5.5 million, it is definitely not in my future. As a ArkUp Yacht Sales owner, you … Combining elements of a houseboat, luxury yacht, and oil rig, Arkup Mobile Overwater Villas propose a new solution for maritime living. Miami-based Arkup LLC is showing off its new livable yacht at … Designed by Dutch architect Koen Olthuis, it combines elements of a houseboat, yacht, and oil rig to provide 4,350 square feet of above-water living space. ARKUP #1 livable yachts have systems for rainwater harvesting, water purification, and waste management. The presentation of Arkup #1 took place at the Miami yacht show, which was held in February, from 14th to 18th. Some wealthy residents of Miami are bearing down for sea level rise with luxury, floating apartments. At 75ft long, the Arkup is a two-deck, three- bedroom floating home that can move around using a pair of 100kW electric Azimuth thrusters and a 35kW bow thruster. My first thought on the Arkup is that the homeowners’ insurance has got to be extremely high for something like this. The boat was built in 2008 by Thoroughbred Houseboats, a Kentucky-based company specializing in houseboats, and was last listed for sale for about $1.35 million in … Those lucky enough to own them will escape the noise of the city, take a break from work and relax in a more tranquil setting. Operating Expenses. Imagine an ultimate, year-round, oceanfront view, as well as the unique experience of being at the forefront of the latest “zero-emission” initiatives and technological advancements. House yacht? All aboard the Arkup 75, which is essentially a floating villa that puts the average houseboat, and even the average yacht, to shame.It’s now available to buy or to rent, should you like to kick the tires before making it yours. Houseboats for sale on Boat Trader are listed for a variety of prices from a sensible $4,904 on the accessible end all the way up to $1,191,800 for the more lavish boat models. Arkup is co-brokered by Marius Koller of MK Miami Real Estate and Antonio Maldonado, … With Stephanie Crawford, Nicolas Derouin, Arnaud Luguet, Conor Smith. No rocking, for one thing. Able to run completely off grid via 2,300 square feet of rooftop solar panels, the boat has four spuds that can lift it … Arkup’s homes combine high-end real estate with ocean living into a completely self-sufficient houseboat. It is a common thing for Western United States. “In addition to having all the features of a regular boat, it’s completely solar electric,” says Nicolas Derouin, one of Arkup’s founders. ArkUp Sales guarantees a 50% annual return on the profit of the ArkUp Rentals, paid annually to the LLC Owners in which the yacht is held by the shareholding partners. The income can be used to pay for the management of the LLC. In addition, solar panels are the source of all electrical needs.
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