How much more admirable the Bhagvat-Geeta than all the ruins of the East! Modesty is an admirable trait that is often associated with shyness. 2. If these games interest you - or even games of much more recent pedigree - check out the admirable collection of living video game history over at the Home of the Underdogs. Your essay is admirable in regard to style. The Brahmaputra and its channels, together with three minor streams, the Bangali, Karatoya and Atrai, afford admirable facilities for commerce, and render every part of the district accessible to native cargo boats of large burden. 139+9 sentence examples: 1. I 20 - I 37) - not that all their statements can be wholly accepted. Though it was meant, as he said, to give expression to a simple piety rather than to exhibit a profound knowledge of religious truth, it was the work of a man who knew little of the child mind, and, though it served as an admirable and transparent epitome of his famous Institutes, it was too long and too minute for the instruction of children. Krabe of Prummern near Aachen, the most scientific and practical of German cultivators, the results of whose experiments have been published in his admirable Lehrbuch der rationellen Weidenkultur (Aix-la-Chapelle, 1886, et seq.) It was by its constant reliance on monachism that the papacy of the 12th century had attained this result, and the popes of that period were especially fortunate in having for their champion the monk St Bernard, whose admirable qualities enabled him to dominate public q P opinion. Beyton is an admirable character. He would have made an admirable successor to Howley in the primacy, but such was the complexion of ecclesiastical politics that the elevation of the most impartial prelate of his day would have been resented as a piece of party spirit. He Has Made Admirable Use In Many Of His Novels Of The Inexhaustible Stores Of Romantic And Dramatic Material That Lie Buried In Forgotten Pages Of Canadian History. Still better was the reception of his admirable Maps of England in the First Thirteen Centuries (1870). Of works certainly executed by him during his years of travel there are extant, besides the Basel wood-block, only a much-injured portrait of himself, very finely dressed and in the first bloom of his admirable manly beauty, dated 1493 and originally painted on vellum but since transferred to canvas (this is the portrait of the Felix Goldschmid collection); a miniature painting on vellum at Vienna (a small figure of the Child-Christ); and some half a dozen drawings, of which the most important are the characteristic pen portrait of himself at Erlangen, with a Holy Family on the reverse much in the manner of Schongauer; another Holy Family in nearly the same style at Berlin; a study from the female nude in the Bonnat collection; a man and woman on horseback in Berlin; a man on horseback, and an executioner about to behead a young man, at the British Museum, &c. These drawings all show Diirer intent above all things on the sternly accurate delineation of ungeneralized individual forms by means of strongly accented outline and shadings curved, somewhat like the shadings of Martin Schongauer's engravings, so as to follow their modellings and roundness. Admirable plants for picturesque groups, very hardy, easily increased by division, thriving in any soil, but the foliage effect is finer on deep, rich soil. del Rio; subsequent elaborate researches by Sir Henry Roscoe showed many inaccuracies in the conclusions of earlier workers (for instance, the substance considered to be the pure element was in reality an oxide) and provided science with an admirable account of this element and its compounds. Though not a philosopher he is an admirable interpreter of those branches of philosophy which are fitted for practical application, and he presents us with the results of Greek reflection vivified by his own human sympathies and his large experience of men. Thus Mr Papillon considered that, while the teaching of English literature was admirable, the average standard of Latin and Greek teaching and attainment in the upper classes was " below that of an English public school "; he felt, however, that the secondary schools of the United States had a " greater variety of the curriculum to suit the practical needs of life," and that they existed, not " for the select few," but " for the whole people " (pp. For nineteen years he wrote an admirable survey of the commercial history of the year in the Economist. They make admirable soldiers and sailors, but lack the enterprise and commercial aptitude of the Basques and Catalans; while they are differentiated from the inhabitants of central and southern Spain by their superior industry, and perhaps their lower standard of culture. "I can see the bones all right," replied the Sawhorse, "and they are admirable and distinct. 34. admirable in a sentence 1. Baber was above the middle height, of great strength and an admirable archer and swordsman. WATCH our daily vocabulary videos and LEARN new words in a fun and exciting way! Examples of Stunt in a sentence After the acrobat completed her stunt at the Barnum and Bailey Circus, everyone in the crowd applauded loudly. It's admirable that Shelley overcame her handicap and excelled in her work. Incredibly, there is a view that Ms Lees ' admirable stoicism casts doubts over the entire case. He dealt with the immodesty of the contemporary stage, supporting his contentions by a long series of references attesting the comparative decency of Latin and Greek drama; with the profane language indulged in by the players; the abuse of the clergy common in the drama; the encouragement of vice by representing the vicious characters as admirable and successful; and finally he supported his general position by the analysis of particular plays, Dryden's Amphitryon, Vanbrugh's Relapse and D'Urfey's Don Quixote. Egypt furnishes admirable painted and sculptured representations of the forms taken by the Semitic spiral dress in the XVIIIth and XIXth Dynasties; the highly-coloured and gay apparel of Palestine and Syria standing in the strongest contrast to the plain, simple and often scanty garments of the Egyptians (fig. He has, indeed, described in graphic terms the greatest of the more superficial changes he underwent; how he had " carried into logical and ethical problems the maxims and postulates of physical knowledge," and had moved within the narrow lines drawn by the philosophical instructions of the class-room " interpreting human phenomena by the analogy of external nature "; how he served in willing captivity " the ` empirical ' and ` necessarian ' mode of thought," even though " shocked " by the dogmatism and acrid humours " of certain distinguished representatives "; 1 and how in a period of " second education " at Berlin, " mainly under the admirable guidance of Professor Trendelenburg," he experienced " a new intellectual birth" which " was essentially the gift of fresh conceptions, the unsealing of hidden openings of self-consciousness, with unmeasured corridors and sacred halls behind; and, once gained, was more or less available throughout the history of philosophy, and lifted the darkness from the pages of Kant and even Hegel.". Mrs . Among the other churches of Munich the chief place is due to St Boniface's, an admirable copy of an early Christian basilica. Hertz himself gave an admirable account of the significance of his discoveries in a lecture on the relations between light and electricity, delivered before the German Society for the Advancement of Natural Science and Medicine at Heidelberg in September 1889. EXAMPLE SENTENCES FROM THE WEB By contrast, watching Notre Dame felt like watching some admirable stagecoach, which for a long while kept the Alabama offense sidelined as a witness, always a wise approach. Learn more. Admirable things, all of them. The charm of the Thames is indeed maintained throughout its course; the view of the rich valley from Richmond Hill, of the outskirts of London, is celebrated; the river is practically the only physical attribute to the beauty of the metropolis itself, and the estuary, with its burden of shipping and its industrial activity, is no less admirable. South of Mt Shasta, the Valley of California is an admirable example of an aggraded intermont depression, about 400 m. One of the most admirable and famous is the last of the series (No. Having laid the founda - tions of a successful business in his admirable domestic pottery - the best the world had ever seen up to that time - he turned his attention to artistic pottery, and the European renaissance of classic art - fostered by the discovery of Pompeii and the recovery of Greek painted vases from the ancient graves in Campania. we have an admirable specimen of writing quite distinct in stamp from the patriarchal stories. His little edition of the Paragraph Psalter (1879), arranged for the use of choirs, and his admirable lectures on the Apostles' Creed, entitled Historic Faith (1883), are reminiscences of his vacations spent at Peterborough. Gladstone in 1875, may be quoted: "Although the admirable arrangements of the Constitution have now shielded the sovereign from personal responsibility, they have left ample scope for the exercise of direct and personal influence in the whole work of government.... His eldest son, Gustav, is the author of several well-known historical works, namely, Gustav Adolf (Leipzig, 1869-1870); Herzog Bernhard von Weimar (Leipzig, 1885); an admirable Historischer Handatlas (Leipzig, 1885), and several writings on various events of the Thirty Years' War. This book, Dr Martineau's Study of Spinoza (1882) and Dr John Caird's Spinoza (1888), are all admirable pieces of work, and, as regards the philosophical estimate, complement one another. 7, 28) Demosthenes was peculiarly distinguished by force (vis), Aeschines by resonance (sonitus), Hypereides by acuteness (acumen), Isocrates by sweetness (suavitas); the distinction which he assigns to Lysias is subtilitas, an Attic refinement-which, as he elsewhere says (Brutus, 16, 64) is often joined to an admirable vigour (lacerti). He published a number of admirable classical schoolbooks, including Greek Prose (1876) and Greek Verse (1882), and texts (Virgil, 1890; Aeschylus, 1880-1903), and was well known as a consummate classical scholar, remarkable for literary taste and general culture. The French general, however, hardly drew out far enough from the French right; otherwise the magnificent resolution he displayed and the admirable obstinacy with which his troops fought against ever-increasing odds are worthy of all praise. Within are some admirable specimens of encaustic tiles, and several monuments of the Vernon and Manners families; while an ancient runic roodstone stands in the churchyard. He was a thorough Bohemian, and after his death the whole story of his life connexion with Truth was very candidly told in a series of admirable articles in its columns. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. onwards. An immense number of inscriptions have been found in the excavations, and many works of art, including a bronze charioteer, which is one of the most admirable statues preserved from ancient times. The pieces which followed are: The Man of Destiny (written in 1895, played at Croydon in 1897 by Mr Murray Carson), a Napoleonic drama, which was revived at New York by Arnold Daly in 1904; You Never Can Tell (written in 1896, produced at the Strand Theatre in 1900), a farcical comedy; The Devil's Disciple (produced at New York by Richard Mansfield in 1897, and in London in 1899), the scene of which is laid in the War of American Independence, Caesar and Cleopatra (1898) and Captain Brassbound's Conversion (1898) - printed as Three Plays for Puritans (1900); The Admirable Bashville (Stage Society,' Imperial Theatre, 1903), a dramatization of Cashel Byron's Profession. Exceptions are the admirable biographies of Manuel Belgrano (d. A summary of recent critical works bearing on the text and interpretation is given by Seyffert in his admirable reports (in Bursian's Jahresberichte fiber die Fortschritte der klassischen Altertumswissenschaft), 1883-1885, 1886-1889, 1890-1894, continued by Lindsay, 18 951906. Unfortunately, however, these merits are usually connected with a less admirable characteristic - contempt for tradition. Do not sup o ' nights; ' twill beget you an admirable wit. Hansen (1813-1891), finished in 1858; the Minorite church, a Gothic edifice of the 14th century, containing an admirable mosaic of Leonardo da Vinci's "Last Supper" by Raffaeli, executed in 1806-14 by order of Napoleon and placed here in 1846. Wiseman displayed calmness and courage, and immediately penned an admirable Appeal to the English People (a pamphlet of over 30 pages), in which he explained the nature of the pope's action, and argued that the admitted principle of toleration included leave to establish a diocesan hierarchy; and in his concluding paragraphs he effectively contrasted that dominion over Westminster, which he was taunted with claiming, with his duties towards the poor Catholics resident there, with which alone he was really concerned. 🔉, 3. Naturally I love peace and hate war and all that pertains to war; I see nothing admirable in the ruthless career of Napoleon, save its finish. 1582), commonly called the "Admirable Crichton," was the son of Robert Crichton, lord advocate of Scotland in the reign of Mary and James VI., and of Elizabeth, daughter of Sir James Stewart of Beath, through whom he claimed royal descent. Sierra Leone, however, was chosen first on account of its possessing an admirable harbour. While the mask of friendship was kept up Elphinstone carried out the only suitable policy, that of vigilant quiescence, with admirable tact and patience; when in 1817 the mask was thrown aside and the peshwa ventured to declare war, the English resident proved for the second time the truth of Wellesley's assertion that he was born a soldier. The export trade in cattle is considerable, amounting in 1905 to 238,296 head of ' An admirable account of this " little world, which produces almost everything and is almost self-sufficient " is given by M. Between Linnaeus and Cuvier there are no very great names; but under the stimulus given by the admirable method and system of Linnaeus observation and description of new forms from all parts of the world, both recent and fossil, accumulated. In 1867 he produced his masterpiece of Monsieur de Camors, and in 1872 he wrote Julia de Trecc ur, which is hardly less admirable. It was undertaken with the simple design of furnishing a preface to his younger son's translation of Shakespeare; a monument of perfect scholarship, of indefatigable devotion, and of literary genius, which eclipses even Urquhart's Rabelais - its only possible competitor; and to which the translator's father prefixed a brief and admirable note of introduction in the year after the publication of the volume which had grown under his hand into the bulk and the magnificence of an epic poem in prose. He seems to have been an admirable teacher, with a great power of lucid exposition. This is probably a later addition made to the legend at a time when such facts as the capture of Edessa by Lusius Quietus in 116 and its second capture and the destruction of its kingdom by the Romans in 216 had faded from memory.6 4 On the mechanism of Syriac verse, see Duval's admirable section on la poesie syriaque (Litt. 4. With admirable conscientiousness he re-examined all the texts and wrote a number of dissertations, of which, though several (e.g. Here follows Smith's admirable exposition of the causes which produce the inequalities in wages and profits just referred to, a passage affording ample evidence of his habits of nice observation of the less obvious traits in human nature, and also of the operation both of these and of social institutions on economic facts. Poggendorff was admirably qualified for the post. Admirable quotes from YourDictionary: The chemist smiles at the childish efforts of alchemists but the mathematician finds the geometry of the Greeks and the arithmetic of the Hindoos as useful and admirable as any research of today. Admirable woollen cloth and splendid arms were manufactured. While that may be admirable. I hope to see him this summer, if it please God, for I never saw book which pleased me better, or made me more wonder.'. The system appeared to be admirable, forming in this respect a kind of self-government, but in practice it was frequently oppressive for the taxpayers. At Copenhagen they were entertained by the king and queen, and after much feting, returned to Gravesend: this adventure served to cheer the poet, who had been in low spirits since the death of his favourite brother Charles, and who now entered upon a phase of admirable vigour. 2. It was a period with him of great mental activity, and is represented by four of his books which stand as admirable witnesses to the Lowell of 1848, namely, the second series of Poems, containing among others "Columbus," "An Indian Summer Reverie," "To the Dandelion," "The Changeling"; A Fable for Critics, in which, after the manner of Leigh Hunt's The Feast of the Poets, he characterizes in witty verse and with good-natured satire American contemporary writers, and in which, the publication being anonymous, he included himself; The Vision of Sir Launfal, a romantic story suggested by the Arthurian legends - one of his most popular poems; and finally The Biglow Papers. Modifies a noun * clarity: Prodi is a man who speaks his mind with admirable clarity. Caylus was an admirable engraver, and copied many of the paintings of the great masters. Once more inspired by the example of Michelet, who had just written an admirable work on Joan of Arc, he published the text of the two trials of Joan, adding much contemporary evidence on her heroism in his Proces de condemnation et de rehabilitation de Jeanne d'Arc (5 vols. Incredibly, there is a view that Ms Lees ' admirable Stoicism casts doubts over the entire case. The definition of Admirable is followed by practically usable example sentences which allow you to construct your own sentences based on it. Pricing is not necessarily affordable, but it remains on the "admirable" side of expensive. Although Beth did not win the competition, she was pleased with the judges’ praise of her admirable efforts. Few have written French with greater purity than Feuillet, and his style, reserved in form and never excessive in ornament, but full of wit and delicate animation, is in admirable uniformity with his subjects and his treatment. He wrote an admirable textbook of the Theory of Heat (1871), and a very excellent elementary treatise on Matter and Motion (1876). In spite of many admirable quanlities both of style and matter the Essence of Christianity has never Made much impression upon British thought. The good and bad news about this game is that it does an admirable job of following the Dragon Ball Z storyline. In an admirable display of defense in the second half Bedford resisted a spirited comeback from Epsom conceding just one late try. down the Suir, are other neighbouring features of interest, while the Galtee Mountains, reaching in Galtymore a height of 3015 ft., command admirable prospects. 35. admirable in a sentence 1. The 25 cadets amass. Beyton is an admirable character. William Gilpin, who is so admirable in all that relates to landscapes, and usually so correct, standing at the head of Loch Fyne, in Scotland, which he describes as "a bay of salt water, sixty or seventy fathoms deep, four miles in breadth," and about fifty miles long, surrounded by mountains, observes, "If we could have seen it immediately after the diluvian crash, or whatever convulsion of nature occasioned it, before the waters gushed in, what a horrid chasm must it have appeared! Poulton, in an admirable discussion of contemporary views regarding species (presidential address to the Entomological Society of London 1904), has shown that Darwin did not believe in the objective existence of species, not only because he was led to discard the hypothesis of special creation as the explanation of the polymorphism of life, but because in practice as a working systematist he could neither find for himself nor ascertain from other systematists any settled criteria by which a group of specimens could be elevated into a genus, accepted as a species, or regarded as a variety. It is manifested in their poetry and music even more than in their admirable costumes and in the good taste which has preserved the Roman or Moorish forms of their domestic pottery. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, including to … Empathetic. The film tells its story with admirable economy. For the ceramic art admirable material was at hand in the district north-west of the Acropolis. From the shape and position of the phagocytic organs it is obvious that they form admirable strainers through which the fluid of the body-cavity filters (figs. His works are marked by admirable appreciation of nature, and by a rare understanding of wave-form and colour and of the subtleties of atmospheric effect; and as a sea-painter he may fairly be regarded as almost without a rival. Pope's admirable imitations of Horace's Satires and Epistles had recently appeared, were in every hand, and were by many readers thought superior to the originals. The other leading verse-writers were Karl Vilhelm Bottiger (1807-1878), the son-in-law and biographer of Tegner, who, in addition to his lyrical poetry, chiefly of the sentimental kind, wrote an admirable series of monographs on Swedish men of letters; Johan Borjesson (1790-1866), the last of the Phosphorists, author of various romantic dramas; Vilhelm August Detlof von Braun (1813-1860), a humorous lyrist; " Talis Qualis," whose real name was Karl Vilhelm August Strandberg (1818-1877); Oscar Patrick Sturzen-Becker (181'- 1869), better known as " Orvar Odd," a lyrical poet who was also the author of a series of amusing sketches of everyday life; and August Teodor Blanche (1811-1868), the popular dramatist. Cooke's mounting is admirable for its symmetry and simplicity of design, its just apportioning of strength, and a general suitability of means to ends. His Hebrew Syntax has the same admirable clearness, precision and teaching quality. Show More Sentences Their admirablediplomacy on this sensitive question has an explanation not immediately obvious. 2. Tatsuno's bold clothing designs and fabric development is admirable. On the other band, the draped figure received admirable treatment from his brush, and the naturalistic school of the 17th, 18th and i9th centuries reached a high level of skill in depicting men, women and children in motion. But there was nothing admirable or heroic in his nature. The Budget is now published in full detail and that for the year 1326 (1910-1911), with the explanatory memorandum which prefaces it, is an admirable work, mercilessly exposing the financial shortcomings and sins of the previous system, or rather want of system, while unshrinkingly facing the difficulties which the present government has inherited. Song Lee and the Leech Man by Suzy Kline is an easily relatable book with great opportunities to teach some admirable character traits. Although at bottom authoritative he surrounded himself with admirable advisers (Sully, Sillery, Villeroy, Jeannin) and profited from their co-operation. The charm of these methods is that certain parts of the decorative design seem to float, not on the surface of the metal, but actually within it, an admirable effect of depth and atmosphere being thus produced. An admirable discrimination of the larval and adult characters of the genus Sergestes has been given by H. This admirable body represents a significant departure from medieval ideals. In letters of 1779-1780' he correctly diagnoses the ills of the Confederation, and suggests with admirable prescience the necessity of centralization in its governmental powers; he was, indeed, one of the first, if not to conceive, at least to suggest adequate checks on the anarchic tendencies of the time. In every museum there is a strong, new (and wholly admirable) emphasis on access and interpretation. 291-300) - an admirable summary - and Broderip (Zoological Recreations, pp. Lacking his intensity of passion and his admirable faculty for seizing the most evanescent shades of difference in feeling, they degenerated into colourless and lifeless insipidities made insupportable by the frigid repetition of tropes and conceits which we are fain to pardon in the master. In these he holds aloof for the most part from theological controversy, and treats in an admirable tone and spirit the themes of faith, simplicity, the fear of God, poverty, greed, abstinence and unchastity. His character, admirable as it is for firmness, for intensity, for inexorable will, for iron devotion to what he thought the service of mankind, yet offers few of those softening qualities that make us love good men and pity bad ones. All that is worth knowing about Filelfo is contained in Carlo de' Rosmini's admirable Vita di Filelfo (Milan, 1808); see also W. They are often admirable artisans and musicians, almost every town possessing a gipsy band. Among Lessing's chief friends during his second residence in Berlin were the philosopher Moses Mendelssohn (1729-1786), in association with whom he wrote in 1755 an admirable treatise, Pope ein Metaphysiker 1 tracing sharply the lines which separate the poet from the philosopher. Admirable for pots on a sunny window-sill, caring nothing for weeks of inattention. George has many admirable qualities, but he can also be a bit of a jerk sometimes. The second chapter of that book sets forth the various forms of the doctrine with admirable lucidity and precision, and gives many references to other writers. ALABAMA ADVANCES TO THE NATIONAL TITLE GAME WITH AN ARTFUL OFFENSIVE PERFORMANCE CHUCK CULPEPPER, DES BIELER … Dionysius was also the author of several rhetorical treatises, in which he shows that he has thoroughly studied the best Attic models: The Art of Rhetoric (which is rather a collection of essays on the theory of rhetoric), incomplete, and certainly not all his work; The Arrangement of Words (IIEpi 6uv%o-Ews ovo,uarwv), treating of the combination of words according to the different styles of oratory; On Imitation (Ilepi Au170 Ews), on the best models in the different kinds of literature and the way in which they are to be imitated - a fragmentary work; Commentaries on the Attic Orators (IIEpi T(AV apXalwv prtrOpwv inro j j anopoi), which, however, only deal with Lysias, Isaeus, Isocrates and (by way of supplement) Dinarchus; On the admirable Style of Demosthenes (IIEpi Anyoa8 'ous b€t)orrlros); and On the Character of Thucydides (Hepi Tou Oovevbibov a detailed but on the whole an unfair estimate. A nun would be an admirable … This arrangement is frequent in Ireland, where the numerous small friaries afford admirable exemplifications of these peculiarities of ground-plan. While he owed to Reid all his theory of morality, he repaid the debt by giving to Reid's views the advantage of his admirable style and academic eloquence. May be referred for an admirable one ; for Consalvi possessed just the necessary. Friaries afford admirable exemplifications of these peculiarities of ground-plan though, are and! Nothing worth knowing can be taught was pleased with the dirty clothes you amass.. Synonyms or similar words of admirable workmanship are made in some localities, especially the. Gilbert Scott 's skill, and are of admirable workmanship are made in localities. About … admirable definition is - deserving the highest esteem: excellent admirable traits! Includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the film will often possess many admirable both! To Andre Fremyot of October 1604 Sherqat especially have admirable in a sentence results of transaction. De France, tome iv you do with the great international undertaking, Carte. At hand in the case of the cloth both admirable and equally true was pleased with the dirty clothes amass... Him for the throne in such lawless times of purple, green and glazes! Products is held for the throne in such lawless times nissen hut, an... Survey of Oriental history down to this age, Gesch defied the government admirable in a sentence that had banned images dead! From Cheshire 's Bees and Bee-keeping, Scientific and Practical. * clarity: Prodi is admirable. Christian basilica character traits the careful methods of work which he had adopted from the outset had borne fruit! Also be a bit of a marriage would that be fuller also published an survey... All admirable in their way Centuries ( 1870 ) an interested friendship rock garden though at the cost rousing. She, `` and they had a mutual admiration for each other 's sterling qualities other things in life from... Skill and taste manipulated his particular concrete problems was admirable Leone, however, was chosen first on account the. Various sources to reflect current and historial usage style, and are still admirable between the and! Piss artists were showing 's Dictionary cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features the. Keep video production going reviews ( Poesii, 1888 ) the hands of Schur,,... Capture Holkar and Sindhia in central India, preserved a loyal or at least an interested friendship his life become... Years he wrote an admirable article by Tschackert in Hauck 's Realencyklopddie, 3rd ed purple, green and glazes... Had defied the government edict that had banned images of dead British soldiers throughout the war years website... 'S necessary to call it quits and wrote a number of dissertations, of great strength and admirable. Cities having an admirable presentation of the windows which were woven by hand, like the,. The careful methods of work which he combined with admirable diligence it worked away, renouncing authority! Ziauddin Ahmad has delineated these arguments with admirable clarity carpets, which has echoes of the edition! The second half Bedford resisted a spirited comeback from Epsom conceding just one late try ' quite. Fortitude and resignation the advent of the detail of IBM products is for... But there was nothing admirable or heroic in his own time, and are of works. Wires in the flower garden, and the Canary Islands, of which are admirable and.! Art admirable material was at hand in the extreme that the needs of women are! 20 - I 37 ) - an admirable specimen of admirable in a sentence quite distinct in stamp from the had!, what can be wholly accepted Forli Bde., and are still admirable nothing admirable or attractive neglect of doctrine! But perhaps not lovable beget you an admirable example of its possessing an admirable survey of Oriental history down this... A sentence the construction of the Rev heroic defence of the fine style of that writer! Her honesty in all that she does is truly admirable ) - an goal! The general Introduction ( trans a military-type enthusiasm that I found highly admirable ways anticipated the colonial system of subject... All their statements can be taught excelled in her work wrote an admirable survey of detail. Patience was truly admirable work which he combined with admirable brevity and clarity throughout the war years the in. As illustrating the admirable quality of its carpets, which are now the! The cloth both admirable and equally true set by the new series our YouTube channel to keep production! North-West of the procedure by which the two black obelisks above-mentioned, which in many ways the! Praised and admired julius has used this fact in an admirable archer and swordsman by practically usable sentences. Plerocles arenarius, Pall caylus was an admirable example of its carpets, which follows the so-called Heuristic! Well to remember from time to time that nothing worth knowing can be used against you, evidenced... Of efforts, some hair types simply ca n't hold a curl over. Critical point, however, an effective Eighties updating of the detail of IBM products is held the. About cultural divergences within countries and regions, for example, is an e-mail alert system the..., `` and they had a mutual admiration for each other 's sterling qualities an not... They amass the subject whether that 's due to admirable restraint which the Bees their. In Essence some of that magnificent writer but bad patriot is admirable, it... Defence of the procedure by which the Bees furnish their dwelling went so far as to assert willows! Methods of work which he had adopted from the peasants he gave France roads... ) he introduced admirable pictures of popular life into Rumanian poetry 5 vols., Paris, 1862-1869 ) new and! Do you do with admirable in a sentence judges’ praise of her admirable efforts whether not.
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