Does anyone have any good Forum boards that would have some good tips for First Time Jamaican traveler. Support the arts. Serious crimes against tourists … or that he would make my child hood end. Went to Jamaica last year as was my dream holiday stayed in run away bay was there for 3 weeks went to Kingston,orca rios & Spanish town never had any trouble there is more trouble where I come from in London and was only approached twice about buying bob and once was outside his house in 9 miles but all the people I met out there was polite and friendly and planning my next trip out there. Money talks on this island. Mob attacks, stabbings, rapes, and other forms of abuse and discrimination have occurred against women accused of being lesbians. About 0.1% (103) of tourists are victims of violent fraudulent victimization i.e. When we arrived at the beach, we were offered some weed. A simple smile, no thank you, or a hey what's your name? I have just come back from Jamaica - an amazing holiday, but the advice given above about places not to go must be observed. I had a different experience from anything I'm reading here. We also love Tahiti and her islands, but that is too far to go too often. It's no secret that Jamaica is known for the widespread use of drugs, whether you call it cannabis, the ganjaor marijuana. He went into town in a cab, no issues. For those of you familiar with that game, you know that only one chamber has a round (shot) in, so only 1 of the six players will be shot dead. Gaza fi life!!!!!! Avoid walking alone, and exercise special care after dark. Your best option is to simply not do drugs. Wondering if anyone can recommend an area or place in Jamaica that is safe and tolerant for a family like ours. Yes, St. louis has a high crime rate, but I am not going there either. Reading these comments I would not recognize Jamaica. World Nomads is talking Fkery! Will never recommend Jamacia as a holiday destination. Brown, Tourism, crime and risk perception: An examination of broadcast media's framing of negative Aruban sentiment in the Natalee Holloway case and its impact on tourism demand, Tourism Management Perspectives, 10.1016/j.tmp.2014.12.001, 16, (266-277), (2015). Until the government take educating its people seriously and parents become parents again, nothing will change. I have been to Jamaica, 5 times in 3 years I met a Jamaican on my way back to the US ,on my first trip we sat beside each other on the plane ride back to the states, he lived in the US but had a vacation home their, I kept in touch with him and ever since I been back to Jamaica stayed at his vacation home, everytime I go I bring different friends ,he shows us the real Jamaican hospitality, he will show you Jamaica like you have never seen it before.Jamaica is so beautiful I just can't wait to take my next trip their, and mike Susan and I appreciate your Hospitality all the time.anyone interested in staying mikes vacation home in Jamaica his WhatsApp #is 1876-285-4369 ,tell him Rickert recomended his place. Unless, of course, you’re the one getting murdered. One does not have to be brain surgeon to see there are folks writing comments here who are trying to scam people with emails and dropping names, email addresses etc...Would never go back to Jamaica..I was there 20 plus yrs ago for a work seminar (Optometrist) and had a great time at a gated resort but left to go to a pro-golf tournament with colleagues and had a life changing experience....So B.S. The local paper, The Gleamer, reported 269 murders inside the city by 1 December. The mentality of Jamaicans is to get and take whatever from whomever by any means necessary..which includes lying, cheating, stealing, etc. According to (OSAC 2016), “most criminal activity is Jamaican-on-Jamaican violence, often involving organized crime elements and gangs, however, these occurrences can impact American visitors.” Tourist areas tend to have low crime rates, however many people deterred from coming to the island because of the … he need woman to send him money and if you do not play game , he insult you and tel you u can't come there. If you must walk somewhere, stick to main roads and more populated areas. The city of Kingston has numerous urban parks which are the places of events and festivities such as Emancipation Park, Hope Gardens, … For all those who have issues with Jamaica; can you tell me where in this world there are no crime? It's such a pity, too. Negril Beach was full of hustlers but I travelled alone in my old clothes and no jewellery. Terrorist attack, racism, school kids been murdered even church now is being attacked. But like I said, we do go out too and have had no probs. It's not worth risking getting cut up or shot. As a matter of fact the increase in crime that Jamaica has experienced is not even random acts. And suddenly these horrid scary murderers become actual people! So if you are going to stay on the resorts or go only on resort sponsored tours or if you are a drug user and are looking for a place where any type of drug is redally and easily available, then Jamaica is for you. Notice that none of these comments from people who have actually been there detail any of the things the writer has talked about. My husband and I just returned from Kingston a week ago. I'm a British born Jamaican citizen who used to visit three times a year with my children but believe you me I will NOT be going back anytime soon! ( white poor. At one time (a long time ago), I would walk along Main Street at 3:00 a.m., alone, without any concern. Crime is a result of many factors: poverty, retribution, drugs, gangs, and politics. The love, the food, the music of the majority of decent Jamaican citizens outweighs the few that are forced into a life of crime. By mindful. I hated those Jet skis which I think was polluting the reefs and hence the beaches and fishes. Thanks for input. We need a proper camera system and more police in this area on a daily basis.” The St James police have … It’s better to use a chartered or registered taxi (indicated by a red license plate) instead of walking or using public transportation at night. We had an absolute blast!!! I live in Toronto Canada. Keep an iron hand and everything is just talk. I have never been an never will be after doing some research. Harassment, violence, and threats against members of the gay community have been reported. I was shocked when I saw the lengths that are gone through here to hide the crime that happens. Be smart. There are lots of family-friendly accommodation options to choose from, but ask before you book to make sure there are kid-friendly facilities. Don't stay in air bnbs. Other improved conditions have been reported within Jamaica. They are proud of their country and want u to love it and return. fact he kicked a puppy in pursuit to drain money from me and all animals means he has no respect and ur enable him, to be this person by feel sorry for him and not the persons who he target as poor and make poor and bring his life up to make others go down. Homophobia is unfortunately widespread in Jamaica, and LGBTQ+ visitors may be subjected to harassment at a minimum and violence at worst. Had some AMAZING traditional food cooked freshly for us every day, as well as the guys teaching us how to cook meals, teaching us about the benefits of herbs and plants in the bush, taking us into the farm to help pick the apples and akke. In addition to standard LAWS such as those relating to defamation, racial vilification, etc we also remove posts that are abusive, use bad language, are unauthorised promotions, just plain old spam or that we feel don't fit the standards of what's reasonable for the World Nomads community. Foreigners chat too much. So the truth is that the social issues of the US and UK are the reason most of these people become criminalized, yet Jamaica takes the fall. As with anywhere-do not be stupid, and you will be just fine. Drink alcohol in moderation. White female here, in tow with my Blue-Nose Pitbull. Hey noami, I'm a in St catherine am an engineer that works all over the island, yes there are places to be aware of.....people who are shady as with mankind on a whole....The country is a beautiful place where anyone can come an enjoy the hospitality of the people advice is get to know the place by making some contact...not saying to trust but keep up with local news etc the ones pot media app an tune into the local news an hear for yourself then compare the so call hot spots then make your decision, Jamaica is a beautiful country but the thieves make u not want to even be bothered have traveled back in fourth for for three years and the worst I ever seen it not safe at all police do nothing if u confront a thief they will hit u and nothing will be done they pick at ur bag steal tablets and phones like it’s a travel advisory for a reason I use to tell people it’s not that bad but it is can’t even eat with out someone begging go somewhere else these people are hungry and will steal anything. It's one of the most violent places on the planet. The country is very beautiful. Also, follow these preventative measures to minimize the chance of being bitten by a mosquito. I'll start with the one time I was concerned: when we briefly went through downtown area to get to Mega-mart, we were stared at by many people Montego Bay can be most dangerous ( as all of Ja can be ) part of Jamaica next to the slums of Kingston, This is his 3rd visit and he cries everytime we leave there to come back to the us. If you're stuck there, you're stuck. We stayed at the Riu all- inclusive for 5 nights and had a very enjoyable experience, staff was friendly and treated us like gold. I was there last year and have always had a great time! I just returned from Jamaica, I am a blond haired white guy from Oregon. My tour guide, her name was "Special K"! It is very safe to party in Negril. as someone who has visited ALL of Jamaica many many times over last 30+ years a couple of friendly pointers - -- Jamaica is no more dangerous than Chicago , Detroit , Miami , etc in USA - if you are an idiot with zero street smarts you can get in trouble anywhere in this World ! The situation is MUCH WORSE than anything described here! It is easily noticeable when you visit the resorts. On the flight there I sat next to a Jamaican-American going for the weekend to visit family in Kingston. Locksley Music name ....Jesse Green. I did leave the resort a couple of times to go to a local market. This group was very well rehearsed, we hot the police and no report was taken, a small explanation was accepted from us. Everyone else tried to squeeze every last cent out of me and gave me horrible prices for things until i bartered. There can be leakages of expenditures out of local economy, opportunity cost, displacement effects, and seasonality issues problems over … Don't be loud! If you're robbed or your relatives are killed there will be no Justice. The majority of crime occurs in impoverished areas, according to the U.S. Department of State, but tourists are also at risk. I was legit scared as i did not know if this nothing to lose looking fellow was actually serious about killing me. I'm a single white female in my forties and it's hairy even with a guard/driver taking me everywhere..., even tourist places like Ochos Rios. I don't ever recall in my 62 yrs ever hear that some 1 got harmed in any way but I will say this use common sense. Be nice to every Jamaican you come across and try to find friends that you can get to know well. extended state of emergency, since January 2020, what to do if there’s an earthquake during your trip, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Is Tunisia Safe in 2021? I visit Jamaica sometimes 12 times a year for business, visiting family, and vacations. I take them to the market and all over the city. There are also the mentally ill, as some of the comments above have clearly pointed out to you. Please and Thank you. Jamaican crime situation need tough measures and all in the society need to be involved. She crumpled onto the bed and exclaimed 'Great, now I'm going to get gang raped in Jamaica.' I depend heavily on the locals and now follow their lead as I would expect them to follow mine in the US. Stick to the well-traveled areas, such as West End, which are generally safe. You may see lizards or other tropical insects but Jamican insects are not harmful. With 150+ adventure activities covered and 24/7 emergency assistance. If you're approached by a young citizen offering you a ride on their moped or canoe to a popular point of interest, beware. Well I just got back from MoBay Jamaica and it was quite an interesting trip. Restaurant recommendations in Montego Bay. Read the latest travel alerts to find out how COVID-19 restrictions may affect you. Property crimes, such as purse snatchings, theft of cell phones, cameras, or other crimes of opportunity certainly happen. We Jamaicans are usually nice and kind people but lately the culture seem to be drifting away from this good quality.
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