The best tubing trips end before you want them to. Learn More. Watauga River Fly Fishing Guide The Watauga River is one of Southern Appalachian Anglers top picks for wading and floating fly fishing trips. Both trips are great for … The Watauga Riverkeeper carries out the following programs and initiatives to protect the Watauga and Elk Rivers: VWIN Water Quality Monitoring Program where volunteers take 65 water samples monthly from 13 sites located throughout the Watauga River watershed to ensure that our waterways are clean and healthy. You definitely want to consider two areas: the spillway at the Ward’s Mill Dam and the dangerous Snake Pit rapids that have claimed at least one life. Now, I know to check the gauge to see the water level. Tubing costs $20 per person, and the rental is for two hours. The Watauga River offers some of the best tubing in the Boone NC area. There have certainly been times where it seemed we walked most of the way. LOCAL RAFTING COMPANY WATAUGA KAYAK WATAUGA KAYAK ON WATAUGA RIVER . The low-water bridge at Dewitt Barnett Road to Valle Crucis Park is floatable. On the Watauga, the two sections that don’t have major access concerns and some available parking are in Valle Crucis and Sugar Grove. River trips on Watauga River has never been so affordable. Wahoos Adventures . Trout Fishing on the Watauga River Tennessee, Tips for catching trout, River Fishing for Trout - Duration: 21:21. If you want to save 30 minutes or less (depending on the flow), exit at the Hubert Thomas Road low-water bridge. Around the bend after the bridge, you will see a barn that housed the mill. This stretch of river can take up to 2 hours to tube. No need to worry about a flat tube halfway down the Watauga River. Flow was about 110 cfs which was a tad low. Another significant difference between the two Carter County rivers is the variation of water temperatures: while the year round water temperature of the Watauga River is approximately 52-53 degrees Fahrenheit, the water temperature of the Doe River will vary along with the ambient air temperature. A sign on the barn cautions about the spillway and another sign past the damn tells canoers where to get back in the water. Rafting. I went tubing on the New River with my Girl Scout Troop. Watauga River Cabins in Johnson City TN RV Camping Site and Cabins along the Watauga River. With a few thousand feet of river frontage, the Watauga River Bluffs offers fishing within the “trophy” section of the river, a hiking trail along … For ideas on how to prepare and what to wear, download our Tubing Tips and Checklist. The other adventure outfitters in the Boone NC area only offer tubing on the New River, which is a great place to tube as well. MountainTrue’s water quality volunteers and the Watagua Riverkeeper collect weekly samples from 10 monitoring sites during spring, summer and fall. Our river-side outpost is close to Boone, Banner Elk, Johnson City, and Bristal. Here there is a small pull-off with several parking spots. River and Earth Adventures, Inc: Watauga River Rafting - See 514 traveler reviews, 178 candid photos, and great deals for Boone, NC, at Tripadvisor. Based in Boone NC, River & Earth Adventures is the only outfitter that offers tubing trips along the Watauga River in North Carolina. We are experts in Nolichucky River Rafting, Watauga River Rafting, Wilson Creek Rafting, New River Tubing, Hiking and Caving. If you go the self-serve route, you need to know where to put-in and take-out to avoid access issues, dangerous rapids … We are experts in Nolichucky River Rafting, Watauga River Rafting, Wilson Creek Rafting, New River Tubing, Hiking and Caving. So, you either tube forever or get out here. Old Ford Trail low-water bridge to Dewitt Barnett Road is a known tubing area. Dort wird er vom Watauga Dam, der von der Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) betrieben wird, zum 26 km² großen Watauga Lake gestaut. Each tube comfortably fits one person. The lake and river of the Watauga in the mountains of NC and TN offer classic whitewater, fishing, tubing, boating, swimming holes, waterfalls, bouldering, hiking, camping and more. Guided Tubing Trips on the Watauga River in Boone NC, Watauga Lake Winery and Villa Nove Vineyards, Guy Ford River Access Lot Paved, Open for Vehicles. Instead of tubing the whole trip, consider splitting it into two adventures for different days. 573 waren hier. Kayaking. Once Laurel Creek merges with the Watauga River, the river gets intense. We Have A River Kayak Trip Just For You. RIVER TUBING - SPECIFIC SUNDAY DATES. The gauge is located just upstream of the Watauga River bridge along Rominger Road. Tubing. Adventures for everyone! This tubing run is fun and one my family does several times (or more) each summer. A class I & II+ river Watauga is great for the entire family. Rentals are available every day from Memorial Day to Labor Day and only available on weekends in the off season. Classic Rafting Adventure our most popular trip you will experience Class I & II+ Whitewater Rapids on the Beautiful Watauga River. It easy enough and saves a parking space, which around the Watauga River these days is a pretty big feat. Wahoo's Adventures: Watauga River Rafting - See 1,834 traveler reviews, 154 candid photos, and great deals for Blowing Rock, NC, at Tripadvisor. While the Watauga River headwaters offer a unique fishery with wild brook trout, big brown trout, and smallmouth, the Watauga River Tailwaters offer anglers with trophy catches, including big brown trout, a healthy striper population and rainbow trout. This article about tubing along the Watauga River in Valle Crucis and Sugar Grove has all the details such as parking areas, river access spots, two areas to avoid for safety reasons and other tidbits that might be of interest. Lazy in some spots and easy rapids in a few places. For example, my family tubed the Watauga River recently and the latest reading was 110 cfs. Watauga River, Watauga Lake & Watauga Gorge. It’s a quick adventure that you can run in less than 30 minutes if you are in a rush or can last an hour, if in our case, we stop to let the kids swim and explore some of the deeper sections of the river. Not only did my teens love tubing down the New River, so did my almost 80 year old parents! You will view the beautiful mountain scenery, wildlife, and wildflowers along the river without fear. Altamont Anglers guides hit the Watauga River hard over the weekend of April 4 & 5, with Jay Dodd, Jake Chiles and Teo Whitlock floating both days and boating bunches of big 'uns. The Long Trip: Dewitt Barnett Road to N.C. 194 / Watauga River Road. Watauga River & Cave Outpost Elizabethton, TN. You can either do it yourself or go through an outfitter for tube rentals and shuttles. Voted #1 on TripAdvisor! Click here for do-it-yourself tubing along the Watauga River in Valle Crucis and Sugar Grove NC. Now if you are not visiting and want to save a few bucks and do it yourself, tubing is still a lot of fun. “Watauga River has outstanding high quality water and everyone should swim in it all the time. Logan was super helpful in advising us how to navigate our trip down the river as well as getting out of the water. We had a blast whitewater rafting out on the Watauga RIver with Wahoo's! Float down to the Upper Watauga Gorge Park, and I’ll ride my bike back to the truck. Hubert Thomas Road to Upper Watauga Gorge Park. Our Location; Retail Shop (423) 542-6777. Tubing on the Watauga River in the Boone NC area is a great summer adventure. This is the best introduction to river kayaking you will find anywhere. As we were driving upriver to be dropped off, we drove by a bridge that was very low in the water, and our driver told us that we would probably have to get out and walk over it. But it’s pretty long, taking up to three hours or more to complete. Team Mainstream are taking on the Watauga River! Green Valley Park & Canoe Ramp You may see beaver, deer, blue heron, hawks, numerous beaver's lodge along the way. But this water level was pretty good. It has 5 cabins and a full hook-up RV pad with 50 amp service located on the river. 187 Patterson Ln Elizabethton, TN 37643. Der Fluss überquert die Grenze zu Tennessee in den Johnson County. I think we bottomed out once or twice on a large rock. The portion of the Watauga River that is safe enough and deep enough to tube flows from Valle Crucis to Sugar Grove. Rafting NC with over 25 years of adventures! Both trips are great for people of all ages and no experience or skill is necessary. This is a great river trip for adults and children wanting a little more excitement tubing down a river. We were the first people to be dropped off that day. Impounded by the Watauga and Wilbur dams, the river flows freely again near Elizabethton TN. This trip is recommend for physically active individuals in good health, and children that are old enough to paddle (normally 7 and up) by them self, or be towed by a parent (must be at least 4). Our Adventures. Tubing the Watauga River on Friday afternoon. Nobody tubes past the Upper Watauga Gorge Park at the intersection of U.S. 321 and Watauga River Road near the high-water bridge. Wahoo's Adventures: Watauga River Rafting - See 1,867 traveler reviews, 154 candid photos, and great deals for Blowing Rock, NC, at Tripadvisor. He was very prompt in picking us up and so nice to work with. Zaloo's Canoes. Our guide Sage was awesome, very fun, and super knowledgeable. RIVER TUBING; Contact Us. Local outfitters will solve the inevitable parking and access issues and eliminate the need for two vehicles or the long trek back to the car. Also, if you are only going to do this once, the tube rental that comes with the guided trip makes sense because it’s about the same price as buying a new one. If the river is running to pretty good, at least above 100 cfs, and the wind isn’t blowing upstream, the trip is pretty quick if you keep moving. Call 423 542 6777 Tax included in all Prices. The trail up to the parking area is easy enough to find. There are consistent blue wing olive and midge hatches year round and huge caddis hatches in the spring and sulphurs through the summer months. It is 78.5 miles (126.3 km) long with its headwaters on the slopes of Grandfather Mountain and Peak Mountain in Watauga County, North Carolina. Though double tubes are offered for “sweethearts, best friends, parents with toddlers.”. Some visitors, who bring their own tubes, choose to park a car at Todd Island Park then drive to Green Valley Community Park to put in their tubes for a fun, quick tubing excursion down the South Fork of the New River. They will provide the tube rentals and make sure the inner tubes are inflated. For tubing (kayaking and canoeing) on the Watauga River beyond Rominger Road, checking the U.S. Geological Survey discharge gauge comes in handy. You can either do it yourself or go through an outfitter for tube rentals and shuttles. With 600 feet of river frontage, Watauga River Cabins is located between Johnson City and Elizabethton. The outfitters have you covered. Like everywhere else, parking can be an issue here. This 1/2 day rafting adventure down the Watauga River provides some of the best family river rafting … But parking issues eliminate much of that stretch unless you want to be on the river the entire day. Experience the world-class Nolichucky River Rafting, or Watauga Rafting or try our Caving and Hiking adventures The Watauga River is a large stream of western North Carolina and East Tennessee. You can also put in at Dewwit Barnett Road and tube down the river to the high-water bridge at Watauga River Road. I wouldn’t tube lower than 80. From there, tube down to where the Watauga River intersects with Dewwit Barnett Road. It runs through Valle Crucis Park and past the two Mast General Stores along N.C. 194. River and Earth Adventures, Inc: Watauga River Rafting - See 511 traveller reviews, 177 candid photos, and great deals for Boone, NC, at Tripadvisor. Once you get to Upper Watauga Gorge Park, you should exit the river at the steps to the park. The Watauga river is a tail water, which is dam released off of the bottom of the lake providing cold water and great trout fishing year round. Der Watauga River entsteht durch den Zusammenfluss von Shanty Spring Branch und Green Ridge Branch im Watauga County. A great way to cool off in the hot days ahead. The Watauga River Bluffs State Natural Area is a 50-acre, rugged reserve open to the public in Carter County, Tennessee. First, though, let’s talk safety. Dropping a waterfall over the border! Our most popular trip A guide will help you every step of the way down your river adventures. The pull-off near the bridge at Rominger Road offers a few spots to park. They offer “tubing at your own leisure” on the Watauga River in Valle Crucis and the New River in Todd. Tubing on the Watauga River in the Boone NC area is a great summer adventure. Our Location; Retail Shop (423) 542-6777. My family does it many times per summer. If you don’t want to deal with a variety of hassles or if this is a one-off adventure, guided tubing along the Watauga River in Boone NC is stress free and your best option. Watch out for the Ward’s Mill Dam and exit sooner than later if you start to tube here. On this stretch of the Watauga River you might see a Blue Heron and you’ll probably see a few ducks, some jumping fish and trout swimming by your feet. The RV lot has a private deck that overlooks the river. They offer “tubing at your own leisure” on the Watauga River in Valle Crucis and the New River in Todd. Follow us down this amazing stretch of whitewater in NC and TN. The problem with tubing any further is there is no public parking downstream until you get closer to Sugar Grove. Above 100 cfs (cubic feet per second) seems to be pretty good tubing without bottoming out too much. Click here for do-it-yourself tubing along the Watauga River in Valle Crucis and Sugar Grove NC, tubing along the Watauga River in Valle Crucis and Sugar Grove. Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? For more information, click to or call (828)-355-9797. Dewitt Barnett Road to the high-water bridge at the intersection of N.C. 194 and Watauga River Road. A nice swimming hole exists at and around the bend downstream, but you don’t want to go much further. There was one Class 3 rapid and the rest were 1 & 2. You don’t even have to worry about pumping them full of air. family fun for all ages and very easy, safe, and lots of fun. It had stormed the night before so the water was very high and moving swiftly. Trips start on the hour every hour from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. WAHOO’S ADVENTURES is the High Country’s oldest and finest rafting, kayaking, canoeing, tubing and caving adventure company. No need to worry about transportation as your car is waiting for you at River & Earth Adventures outpost at the takeout. Check out a couple of these old photos from back in the day. Local Outfitter Watauga Kayak in Elizabethton Tennessee has … It’s just that they should take precautionary actions if they’re concerned about bacteria,” Hill said. Exit after tubing underneath the high-water bridge under N.C. 194. We offer cabin rentals on the Watauga River between Johnson City and Elizabethton, Tennessee. Caving. I’m fortunate to live less than 10 minutes from the Upper Watauga Gorge Park. Watauga River NC/TN 6.14.19 300cfs USGS / 4". Watauga River, Watauga Lake & Watauga Gorge. The spillway at the Ward’s Mill Dam (which is planned for removal in 2020) is located downstream of the bridge over the Watauga River at Rominger Road. Only expert boaters should be navigating these waters – and certainly not folks in tubes. Family Rafting on Watauga River Family and adventure are hard pressed to be found in the same sentence, but not at Wahoo’s Adventures. Watauga River Rafting Half Day Adventure The Watauga River winds its way through a remarkable wilderness of dramatic cliffs, twisted mountains, hidden waterfalls and breathtaking pastoral scenery. The people at Wahoo wer ... Watauga River Small-Group Rafting from Elizabethton cancellation policy: For a full refund, cancel at least 24 hours in advance of the start date of the experience. Music: DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist. There are large numbers of wild and stocked brown and rainbow trout. Or you can walk the half-mile past the dam and put-in downstream of the spillway.
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