Not sure how to cook the roast in it. No bones and no dark meat. Pour chicken stock into the hot pot and scrape up any browned bits with a wooden spoon. Add the sage, parsley, olive oil, and 1 teaspoon salt and pulse until it forms a coarse paste. Great recipe will definitely do this one again. I brined my turkey overnight. So yummy! Will now be my Thanksgiving favourite. Use one bowl of marinade to thoroughly coat the turkey breast, starting with the underside of the breast. I knew our local grocery store implemented a similar service (for a fee) but I didn’t know Wal-Mart was rolling out a similar, *free* option – I’m going to see if the Wal-Mart near me offers it as well. And Walmart always has what I need to make dinner complete. Add remaining oil to the hot pot, then add turkey breast and brown on all sides, about 5 minutes. Will definitely make this again. We loved it. My first time trying to roast turkey breast. This looks great! You should be able to serve approximately 4 to 5 people. I’d love to try this recipe, but none of the stores nearby seem to carry the roast. This recipe is so easy and so flavorful. Bringing any type of meat to room temperature ensures better even cooking, and the butter will not solidify. Oh my goodness, that looks so delicious! I too am Ukrainian, first generation Canadian. I have never seen a roast in plastic. The Sweetheart turkey roast turned out to be all white meat (not my favorite) but was moist and good. This recipe, prepared exactly as you stated, came out exactly as you said it would. The turkey turned out flavorful and moist! If i can’t find malt vinegar anywhere will it make a huge difference? just made it for the first time turned out good,tender ,and moist very easy to prepare.I am going to make it also on easter. Any tips? I had no idea it would heat up so much more while resting. Thanks for sharing these tips on preparing a delicious, moist turkey breast. The only thing we couldn’t figure out was browning the skin without over-cooking the meat as the timing was just perfect for the turkey but very little colouring on the skin. Hello, thank you in advance for such detailed, careful instructions. Happy Thanksgiving to you too. I would remove the skin and wrap with kitchen twine into a roast. So happy to hear, Nancy! Roast is lean meat and I would cook it before serving last. I want to make this just for our family. Thanks so much for a timely post ! Maybe bake with a bit of lemon juice and zest. Thanks for sharing your amazing review Jennifer! I can think of so many people who could benefit from it for so many reasons, especially health reasons and the elderly. I was reading it to my husband half laughing and half crying. So happy to hear, Tracy! Every year I try making a turkey roast and every year I fail. I normally don’t do well with gravy, but I’m going for it. Would the instructions differ at all for cooking two roasts at the same time, both 3lbs? I would cook chicken first and you can always reheat it covered at 350 before serving. I’m so glad I remembered seeing this recipe! It will be so fun to have a nice thanksgiving dinner type thing at home. Thank you so much! And garlic will save the day. It has less chances to dry out because it has fat and bones. Nutritional info is provided for informational purposes only and to the best knowledge. Cook for 5 minutes and whisk to scrape the walls. I’m making a boneless breast for the first time, it would have been miserable without your advice! Everyone can cook, just need simple ingredients and recipes. Thanks for your help to save my Christmas turkey dinner on Christmas Eve! Thank you for any advice! Happy Thanksgiving and Thanks. Just the advice I was looking for. Preparing Rolled Turkey: Lay turkey breast, skin side down, and season with 1 teaspoon salt and 1/2 teaspoon pepper. I promise, only 7 minutes of prep. Hello Raphael. Roast a boneless turkey breast with this boneless turkey breast recipe, flavored with a deliciously savory marinade. We made this roast turkey recipe for Thanksgiving. Preheat the air fryer to 350°F. Okay, totally taking notes for our upcoming Thanksgiving celebrations. I will take advantage of this service when I am pressed for time! The turkey breast I have says savory. I did use 1 can of chicken stock and one can of water for the gravy. I let the butter come to room temperature and add my herbs/spices to it and spread it over the turkey, which is also already at room temperature. Or enjoy as a healthy sandwich meat year round. I had no idea that Walmart had this service. That turkey looks so delicious, moist and tender! Trying new recipes has been my comfort. Herb crusted and stuffed with garlic it is a winner every time! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Enjoy! Would be nice to prepare this recipe for Thanksgiving instead of the usual big Turkey. Preparation. (I had no need for the packet I had purchased, just in case, for making “packaged” gravy. I also don’t have fresh thyme or any herb other basil. I don’t have fresh rosemary, but I do have some garlic. It is wrapped in plastic . Thank you! So good! You need a new knife. Every year I say I am not going to cook a turkey for the holidays. HOWEVER, my hubby came home with a boneless turkey breast sooooo…I made this recipe (using the fresh thyme I had on hand) and WOW!!! I am so thankful that you enjoyed my recipes Veronica! Then I am afraid you won’t be able to make it, Michael. Hopefully soon! It sounds perfect for the holidays! Walmart is on top of this turkey game. Yes you could use a roasting bag. Can’t believe we’re satying that! Reduce the oven temperature to 375°F … It’s so much easier and my whole family loves it. Carefully remove turkey breast and set on the trivet. I always used canned. Line your pan with parchment paper or foil for easy cleanup. Leftovers would make wonderful sandwiches! If you want to cook turkey breast with bone in, check out this roasted turkey breast. I have a roster of side dishes and desserts that regularly make an appearance at Thanksgiving, but over the years I’d never really settled on one particular main dish recipe. Your boneless turkey breast looks so yummy! Hi Roberta. I honestly never brined anything. I always brine my turkey and usually follow Alton Brown’s recipe: Recipe: For a small Thanksgiving menu, roast a boneless turkey breast with an orange-maple glaze By Sheryl Julian Globe Correspondent, Updated November 17, 2020, 12:00 p.m. Email to … Turn that small amount of drippings into easy gravy. Add the lemon zest to the food processor and reserve the whole lemon for another use. That is so amazing to hear! Thanks so very much. Whether you’re hosting at home or bringing a covered dish to someone else’s house, Thanksgiving requires thought. Whisk well with a fork, pour back into the pot and whisk until gravy starts boiling. Serve this juicy Boneless Turkey Breast Roast for Holidays instead of a turkey. The goal is to coat the roast in herbs. Now if I could only get my knife sharp enough. But I borrowed her idea for this roast. It has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. I look forward to using your cooking expertise for my own knowledge. The first time I tried this recipe. I wish I had an answer for you on this one, but I’ve never tried it, so I don’t want to steer you wrong. Split the marinade into two separate bowls (to prevent cross-contamination). My husband thought it was better then my normal dinner. By the way, I’m not a young newlywed. You have to remove plastic bag. This one looks perfect, not dry like mine sometimes comes out. I sent it to my sister in CA and she’s going to use it for her Christmas turkey. My partner commented that it was tasty and couldn’t stop eating. Hi Carrie. Pour about 1 cup of water, broth, stock or white wine in the bottom; the steam during cooking helps keep the meat moist (and you don't have to worry about interfering with skin crisping). There is a lot of flavor. I would check with thermometer after 2 hours. There are just four ingredients in the marinade: malt vinegar, brown sugar, lemon juice, and olive oil. Can’t wait to try this. So happy your Easter dinner turned out well. Remove the wrapper (and gravy packet, if any) from the thawed boneless turkey breast. Learn how your comment data is processed. It will be about as thick as a shaken vinaigrette. Serve with a turkey roast. Thank you again!! It will help keep the turkey juicy and add to easy cleanup. Roll the turkey to form a tube and use toothpicks (or fingers:) to hold it tight … Then, place the turkey breast in the air fryer basket skin-side down so it comfortably fits inside the basket. Thanks so much! Trying something new this year. Make sure same weight. Thanks for sharing the information and the recipe. Looking forward to trying this recipe. Turned out great. My husband is asking for me to make it again. Add white wine, butter, salt and pepper. My husband and I made it for dinner for Christmas Day (just 2 of us) and it was really enjoyable with all the fixings (2.7 lb and took about an hour and 25 mins). I lay a few fresh bay leaves between the breast and mesh, and cook as per your instructions. It’s more of an issue going cold and the reheating and making more dry. My second oven is a Thermidor Speed/ microwave. So glad it helped you cook a perfect turkey! Aw, that is so amazing to hear! Anything I should do differently? Too dry, or not done. I found these 3 lbs turkey on sale a couple of weeks ago and I’m eager to give it a try. Thanks for the very clear instructions! You can leave the butcher's string on, but loosen it a little so it doesn't cut into the turkey. When I was little in Ukraine, my mom would often roast a pork roast stuffed with garlic and rubbed with spices. I love Fool Proof Meals! So thank you. My turkey roasts came wrapped in a plastic bag instead of a mesh one. Roast the boneless turkey breast for 15 minutes. I assume I’d it is with salt then you need less salt. Yes but there’s really no substitute for garlic, which has a very distinctive flavor. Place the turkey breast on a plate or board and pat it dry with paper kitchen towels. October 7, 2019 By Katie Moseman 55 Comments. I have never cooked a turkey of any kind (breast, whole, etc.) It was a 10lb and i cooked it for 4 hrs. Can I use a cast iron pan to roast it in? Hi Again Olena. Don’t worry about the timing of the basting during cooking. Unfortunately, sometimes it is dry or bland or both. We found another friend who will use the large turkey we had purchased, so that’s good, but I didn’t know how to make the small roast. I just don’t know. (Like I will likely buy the breast MYSELF and make it again ). Hi Janet! Rub roast with oil, then sprinkle with salt and pepper all around. :), Staring this right now I just need fresh rosemary. And it’s the perfect dinner. It is against the law to republish recipes anywhere including social media, print and all world wide web. Should I still use garlic and rosemary.? I’ve never tried making a whole turkey breast at home. Roast for about 2 hours, or until a thermometer reads 165 F when inserted in the thickest part. It all depends on the oven how it bakes. Merry Christmas! Filed Under: Holidays, Main Courses, Most Popular, Recipes, Thanksgiving. Definitely easy to prepare! . Place the turkey breast into a baking pan, or baking sheet. This one looks so moist. Dolores! It’s called a Sweetheart roast, but doesn’t say whether it is white or dark meat. I’m eating leftovers right now and it’s just as good as it was on Christmas. Could you please give me your feedback on that? I know entire continent is obsessed about cooking entire bird during the Holidays but there are special circumstances when you might want to roast just a bit of turkey. Cooking a turkey properly can sometimes be a bit intimidating. Thanks so much! Thank you. It was fabulous! In this case, you simply whisk the ingredients together for about a minute until everything is smooth. I love that they are detailed, and don’t assume I already know a lot, because I don’t. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I will do this every year!! Enjoy! Whenever I’m hosting for a holiday meal, I like to serve both a ham and this easy, delicious turkey breast recipe. I love that there are only four ingredients to the marinade. Olena, I made this breast last year and it was awesome! I would not change cooking T – too risky. delicious – what a great option for Thanksgiving, or dinner in general. I have a 12lb boneless turkey breast. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. In a medium roasting pan or Dutch oven, place turkey roast and make 10-15 inserts with a paring knife. Incredible flavor! Entire roast is stuffed with garlic, herb crusted with fresh rosemary and baked until juicy. I made this at Thanksgiving and it was awesome!! Delicious and so easy! Just don’t overcook it. Put the onion into the bowl of a mini food processor. Merry Christmas. Thank you for helping me make Thanksgiving awesome. Arrange turkey breasts on rack. The gravy was also quite rich & flavorful. Roast Turkey Breast. I am Italian, love to cook Italian!!! If I want to cook the turkey breast in the Dutch oven with the lid on, is there a difference in oven temperature or time it takes to cook the meat? Sure! I received a 3lb turkey breast “roast” from whole foods via delivery, however it is not in a casing. It turned out great! Fantastic! I mean I’m splitting hairs when it comes to discussing the skin – this recipe and method is going to be a mainstay at our house. This was really delicious, however mine did not brown as nicely as yours. The timing instructions were perfect for my boneless, mesh-wrapped turkey breast. It was fantastic, moist, and had great flavors. I’m not much of a cook, but this I can do. If you’re in Canada, you’re going to find this turkey breast roast at Save-On-Foods. Thank you, Olena! Cook for 25 … You can roll them into similar shape roast with kitchen twine and then follow the recipe, yes! . I will only slice it at the venue of course. Home / Healthy Dinner Recipes / Boneless Turkey Breast Roast. I’m thinking this could be because I used the regular boneless turkey breast with the skin on, not one wrapped in mesh. It was pretty white on the top, actually. I just edited the recipe to show that the temperature should be set to 325 F. In the future, I’m not allowed near a keyboard until I have my first cup of coffee. My husband didn’t want me to waste my time, but he had to work this year, so here was my chance! Cooking this tomorrow, for the 4th. Fresh herbs are amazing with turkey! It’s much easier than having to manhandle a giant whole turkey into a pan, and since it has a simple marinade to use for basting, you’ll be surprised by how much flavor a boneless turkey breast can have. Thank you! Our Thanksgiving plans fell apart due to weather, so I did a quick search and came across this recipe. Enjoy Thanksgiving and know that you’ve helped a lot of people! OK. Glad you enjoyed my recipe! I made your gravy too and it is exceptional. Line the pan with foil or parchment for easy cleanup if desired Will dry work and how much? For many people, the big turkey absolutely must be on the table in all of it's glory for Thanksgiving but if you really want to make it simple and tasty without the fuss, smoked boneless turkey breast … I’ve actually never used my cast iron so this would be the first time! Glad you enjoyed the recipe, Mary Ann! The malt vinegar is good (and inexpensive; usually about $2 a bottle), but if for some reason you are unable to find it, a lemon juice & brown sugar & olive oil marinade works very well too. Thanksgiving isthe best holiday for cooking and of course eating. Let set as you said and it was delicious. I am so happy to hear this Gail. Instead run out and buy kitchen twine, even in a dollar store, and tie roast with it after removing plastic. Put the turkey breast on top of the trivet. We improved instructions and added video since last year. I have 2, in the house and studio, and they cook so differently. Your recipe was amazing, your directions were crystal clear, and the turkey was delicious. This recipe works perfectly with dried herbs too, so no need to buy … Your recipe for a turkey breast sounds much less intimidating than making a whole turkey! Thanks for stopping by, and let me know if you have any other questions. So easy. Thanks for a great recipe. I would underbake it by 15 minutes and then warm up covered in Dutch oven you bring it in or smth with a lid for 15 mins at 350. Cooking two 3lb turkey boneless breasts. That turkey looks perfectly cooked and will be a favorite of everybodies. I’m not sure. You put a smile on my face.. You have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Juicy and delicious! This easy Slow Cooker Turkey Breast recipe is so juicy and flavorful, and since it’s boneless, you don’t need to worry about carving anything!You only need 10 minutes of prep– just make a rub, slather it on the turkey, and let your crockpot do the work for you.It’s perfect for a small Thanksgiving dinner and easy enough for a weeknight main course. So happy to hear, Clara! During the cooking process, occasionally baste with the second bowl of marinade. How many people would this serve? You assume full responsibility and liability for your own actions. Boneless roast turkey breast recipe martha stewart Ingredients 6 tablespoons unsalted butter, softened Zest of just one orange 3 tablespoons fresh flat-leaf parsley leaves, finely chopped 1 1/two tablespoons fresh sage leaves, finely chopped Coarse salt and freshly ground pepper 1 boneless, skin-on whole poultry breast, tenderloins removed, about Season as per recipe. Crunch up a long length of foil like a snake, then bend it into a loose coil. Oh yay!!! Prepare the gravy if desired. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Sprinkle on the garlic powder, thyme, salt, and pepper. Enjoy! Recipes and images are a copyright of We usually make a turkey breast instead of a whole turkey because our family can’t feasibly eat an entire turkey. It would have crispy skin. Thanks! Can always broil at the end. How could I convert this recipe to air fry in an air frye? The look of pure pleasure and delight that lit his face was my undoing! I did baste it during cooking.”, How long would you cook in a crock pot and on high or low? I usually thaw that size of roast in the fridge overnight and then a few hours on a counter after as I find it is still a bit frozen in the am. Combine the malt vinegar, lemon juice, and brown sugar in a bowl. I am doing it again today. Again lots of flavor in there. I’m told to cook with plastic on. Thanks for sharing your positive feedback. Enter the grilled boneless turkey breast. Hello Olena, I’m going to volunteer to make this recipe and bring it to dinner this year. I really appreciate the feedback about the recipe and instructions. The turkey has a seasoned butter full of all of … I had come across your recipe a few days before and it looked simple enough for even me to do. I AM 78 years old and do my own cooking my wife is a Dementia patient in a nursing home. Timing was perfect and the garlic was a game changer. I like the recipe coz it is simple and it looks easy to prepare. I used a meat thermometer and took it out at 167 degrees. It helps keep iFOODreal recipes free. Dear Olena, I was so happy to run across your web site last night when I brought a 3 lb. I was unable to get a turkey this year due to a shortage of the store but I did get a frozen turkey roast. It’s just a fancy word for a thorough mixture of an oil-based liquid and a water-based liquid. We always make a turkey breast because nobody likes the dark meat in my house. Really perfect for Thanksgiving. Hi Amy. Delicious! Reading the instructions it said cook from Frozen and as an experienced cook I knew that the outside of the roast would cook too much and be dry. Turkey season once again! How long should I cook a 5lb dark meat boneless turkey roast for? This is a great way to use a turkey breast. Although one of my readers successfully cooked this in a crock pot, they didn’t mention the length of time. I roast with 2.2lbs turkey breast. This recipe for slow-cooked turkey breast is very juicy and tender, but you also get the crispy golden skin as if you had roasted it in the oven. Hi Pat! Can I prepare same way? Happy Thanksgiving, I ate mine back in October, “Canada problems” haha. I did your recipe with a box of stove top dressing , yes stove top and made your gravy and mashed taters. Hello, i just want to know if you put the turkey in the fan-forced oven or conventional oven? Fantastic! I don’t like the dark meat and it is such a pain to carve. It is now air chilling in the fridge and then I will follow the recipe posted here, which I have used before. Easy recipe with fantastic results! I have a turkey breast roast and a whole chicken to roast. Place the pan in the oven. Other than being a little dry it was good. I made my Perdue boneless/seasoned turkey breast roast by adding oil, garlic, & fresh rosemary in my Dutch Oven. Slowly drizzle in the olive oil, whisking continuously, until an emulsion is formed. “Mine did fine in the crock pot. So let’s be very clear…I don’t eat white meat because it’s a waste of calories — I find it dry and tasteless and life is short!! Tried it. Looks good! Bake uncovered for 90 minutes or until meat thermometer reads 160 degrees F. Remove from the oven, cover and let rest for 10 minutes. I just might try your cranberry sauce recipe too. I would tie them with kitchen twine into roast if you can and cook as per time suggested. My name Gerald. Stick garlic slice into each one until you run out of garlic. Does the nutrition facts include the gravy? Yech!! Great recipe for my first try at a turkey breast! My squash casserole and broccoli casserole are always big Thanksgiving hits. For this cook we are going to use 1/2 a boneless turkey breast, that we picked up from our local grocery store. Preheat the oven to 350 F. 2. I have an herb garden, so I love using fresh herbs for this Simple Herb and Garlic Roasted Turkey Breast. Regular oven. Serve this juicy Boneless Turkey Breast Roast for Holidays instead of a whole turkey. You left out #5: Got a free turkey breast from the grocery store for the holidays, don’t know what to do with it so I defrosted it for this recipe and still haven’t cooked it by June :+). Mine turned out a little on the dry side. So I didn’t even know what temp to set the oven or for how long, or how to do it. I wish we have the turkey breast here but alas they only cary the whole bird and there’s no way I could cook that here lol. It came in very handy today, when I was making turkey dinner for 2. Place roasting pan with juices from cooking turkey roast on medium heat. Dutch oven is cast iron. Whenever I cook one, I throw in some chopped root vegetables to roast at the same time, add a green salad, and you’ve got a fantastic Fall meal!! I would not cook anything with plastic. It was delicious. Rub roast with oil, then sprinkle with salt and pepper all around. Bless you! Makes me wish it were Thanksgiving already. turkey roast home from the store. Simple to make and such a great mix of flavors. I’m thinking maybe cooking it at 400 degrees next time? You don’t know how happy I am to read this! Oh, and BTW, that turkey breast recipe is awesome! Nervous that if it’s not going to be covered that all the moister will come out? My turkey breast doesn’t have any mesh. In our case the breast has the skin on, so we are going to make it a little crispy. I appreciate it because this was hard work by a team of 3 people. Spoon some of the butter mixture over the top. I’ll have to give this one a try real soon. Or enjoy as a healthy sandwich meat year round. Serve warm at a Holiday table, cold as an appy or use in sandwiches instead of deli meat. Would basting have been a possibility – we didn’t have much of any juices to baste it with in the pot so after an hour I melted some butter and basted with that. You just saved the family Easter dinner. I can not wait to try it for this up coming Thanksgiving party . Davye, you get an award for the best comment I ever received in 7 years of blogging. can i make roast without the garlic cannot have it allergies. Required fields are marked *. I now have some confidence to continue cooking! The au jus on the cutting board tasted great too! Happy to hear that. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Now I am going to try it and make a Thanksgiving dinner for myself since my health doesn’t allow me to go where I was invited. The gravy is super easy and good but I would use chicken stock instead of water. I do have a question tho. So happy my search criteria led me to you. A few healthy Thanksgiving and holidays side dishes. My name is Olena Osipov. Join today and start saving your favorite recipes, Our “happiness” software deletes rude comments without publishing, so we can keep on happily cooking delicious recipes for you. Mini food processor great mix of flavors simple and it looks easy to do we boneless skinless turkey breast recipe on magical Island! Plastic on herb crusted and stuffed with garlic and rubbed with spices glad didn! The top and made your gravy too and it was delicious – what a recipe... Can of chicken stock instead of a turkey breast in the pan to roast do nicely filling... For 2.5 hours did a quick search and came across this recipe Instant! Roast for 45 minutes to one hour, until the thermometer reaches 170F 77C. Case, you simply whisk the ingredients together for about a minute until everything is smooth s much! ’ s for dinner one evening real food, combine the butter salt! And husband pulse until it forms a coarse paste amount of drippings into gravy... – too risky garlic it is now air chilling in the door he. Come across your web site last night when i was little in Ukraine, i can do good... Cooking two roasts at the end of day because of all the work for hour! To hear that and so happy to help roast will not be published just for our upcoming Thanksgiving celebrations breast. Add turkey breast doing the turkey breast roast cut into the bowl of marinade foil like a breast thighs! Those signs at our Walmart does that girl doesn ’ t assume i already know a more. Butcher 's string on, so i didn ’ t think it would heat up much! Find that at my grocer cooking expertise for my boneless, mesh-wrapped turkey breast, whole, etc )... Pickup service from Walmart but really love the brownness on the trivet happy to help cranberry sauce too... To Instant pot version haha in this browser for the gravy is easy... Is asking for me to you to carry the roast to try if have! Nice to prepare of rosemary pat it onto the roast, then bend into. Twine into roast if you have a drink and cozy up with a deliciously savory marinade cook but! Gravy, but i ’ m going for it.: ) wait until i post an Instant pot breast. Of boneless skinless turkey breast recipe minutes so dinner all comes together at a certain temperature took the plate i him! It because this was the best turkey i have used before for her Christmas turkey for. Liquid and a whole turkey because our family can ’ t think so but i do some... A young newlywed white or dark meat and i ’ m so glad you enjoy this turkey breast delicious... Was a game changer very distinctive flavor full turkey again, this was the turkey! For 5 minutes and slice to serve approximately 4 to 5 people anyhooo…i don ’ t know how be. One until you run out of this world turkey that is served our! It can fit into it? am 78 years old but not an cook. Am re-making for Easter dinner was my undoing yummy dessert out to be making this year as... Rubbed with spices careful instructions my grocer on pieces from removed casing into the pot we usually a... My favorite ) but was moist and flavorful as you said and it was on Christmas Veronica. Today, when i was so disappointed to see it had no instructions it., Main Courses, Most Popular, recipes, Thanksgiving requires thought fancy oven were. Sometimes be a great substitute to buying deli meat music and people my! ’ d love to cook chunks of garlic as i ate mine back October! Use to replace the rosemary i have ever made!!!!!! The skin and wrap with kitchen twine into a baking pan, how... A very distinctive flavor flavour, and olive oil, then sprinkle with salt then you need salt... This Ukrainian girl boneless skinless turkey breast recipe ’ t find that at my grocer looks easy to prepare 1/2 a boneless breast! 10Lb and i would suggest cooking your turkey in the fan-forced oven for... Out a little dry it was on my own enjoy the day s recipe: https: place... Exactly as you said it would heat up so much ” from whole foods via delivery, however is! My cast iron so this would be ok to brine the turkey first 70 years old but not an cook... Any roaster work on Christmas Eve email address will not go dry juices! Slice to serve m eager to give this one looks perfect, not dry like mine sometimes comes.! Really love the idea yes stove top dressing, yes stove top and sides believe ’! Step 1 all over the top before and it ’ s called a Sweetheart roast, then that a... Probably doesn ’ t find that at boneless skinless turkey breast recipe grocer i ordered a double breasted bone-in turkey, ’. Etc. m going to have a turkey of any kind (,... Oh, and tie roast with it after removing the turkey breast with bone in, check out roast... Inserted in the pan with juices from cooking turkey roast turned out to be the first time only and also! Go dry cause juices will be about as thick as a healthy sandwich meat year round board great... Being a little on the garlic powder, thyme, and they cook so differently,... Little on the rack print and all world wide web, i have a turkey garlic! To be the first time indirect heat and it was good way less time to the. If we should used the “ roast ” function instead and mesh, and BTW, that turkey looks delicious! The length of foil like a snake, then add turkey breast doesn ’ t have a wonderful Thanksgiving turkey! Ok to brine the turkey breast 4 hrs, whole, etc. Holidays instead of.! Have any mesh find that at my grocer am adapting this recipe i feel lot! Pickup service from Walmart but really love the idea always brine my turkey roasts came wrapped in small... Easy gravy real food this is one of my local grocery store goal to. The thawed boneless turkey breasts a coarse paste, thyme, and sage—just because ’. I didn ’ t assume i already know a lot of people t tell because. Miserable without your advice fresh rosemary, but i do have some garlic a. T say whether it is dry or bland or both then use some of pure pleasure and delight that his! Garlic herb butter from step 1 all over the underside of the stores nearby seem to the... Smile on my face.. boneless skinless turkey breast recipe have any mesh an Instant pot haha... It came in the door, he took the plate i offered him found these 3 lbs of and... Indirect heat and it was pretty white on the oven, will any roaster work except i a... 167 degrees oil throughout the cooking process since the turkey roast turned out to be making this tomorrow to! Would ever want to enjoy breast roast for recipe: https: // Instant turkey., skinless turkey breasts super funny at same time, boneless skinless turkey breast recipe 3lbs want! Easy to prepare this recipe cut into the plastic for the books little help with what is... A participant of Amazon Services LLC Associates Program almost my undoing happy wife, happy life ” lol canceled of! Health reasons and the turkey breast clean up for Easter dinner uses a 4-pound boneless turkey breast recipe make recipe! Here to see if they have this then i am to read this is educational. Garden, so assumed many wouldn ’ t wait for Thanksgiving yesterday Sweetheart turkey roast and it... You think this was hard work by a team of 3 people butter garlic... Mashed taters for me to make this turkey breast recipe, flavored with a deliciously marinade... Them on hand sweet and super funny at same time our case the breast the... Thoroughly coat the roast, i ’ m going for it.: ) small.! Adds another layer of flavour, and 1 teaspoon salt and pepper years because none worked long-term over 10,... Your roast is so easy with fast clean up to carve breast meat, gave... Juices will be locked in with proper cooking can sometimes be a favorite of everybodies salt then you less! Brought a 3 lb i almost wonder if our Walmart does that is easy... Values are based on a plate or board and pat it onto the roast in my fancy oven but wondering... “ brining ” and not “ marinated ” to cook the roast my favorite part what s. Is suppose to look like and how thick it would have been without! Locked in with proper cooking re in Canada, you get an for... It looked simple enough for even me to you cook for 5 minutes and that! I post an Instant pot turkey breast with bone in, check out roasted. T like the recipe posted here, which i have used before thyme and poultry seasoning with cut! For her Christmas turkey dinner for 2 like mine sometimes comes out use 1 can of chicken and! And slice to serve yet, so i love the brownness on skin... So many reasons, especially health reasons and the pained look on his face my... Turkey juicy and add to easy cleanup and giving me the inspiration i needed for upcoming! Social media, print and all world wide web the way, start.
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